Van excitedly waiting for the gospel of the tram

Silk Road is not the way to "iron" that knit together networks, high-speed train that Turkey attached tightly to each other, waiting for the tram Van eagerly given the good news at a time when the gospel of the last tram in Diyarbakir. Metropolitan works with the fizibitile tram line studies about the work of the citizen's eyes will be given the ears.

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars 'Silk' Iron 'Road' and the Silk Road this time began to be knitted with iron nets. The high speed train lines that started in the West came to Kars. Almost all metropolitan cities were equipped with trams and subways. Van, who is not involved in the high-speed train lines program until 2023, still hopes to get rid of the traffic from stamen while still preserving the hope of North Vangölü Railway. Full 100 is hopeful waiting for the tram that was projected during the Ottoman period years ago. Van public opinion on the agenda of the tram, which never falls from the expectation of the Van Metropolitan Municipality began to take the first concrete steps. As soon as he arrived in Van, feasibility studies were initiated under the supervision of Van Governor and Deputy Mayor of Municipality Murat Zorluoglu who said that the 'tramway' project is among the targets and that the feasibility studies will start shortly. With the metropolitan hand, the crews are doing the number of passengers at the stops, the route and the intensity of the work. Calculation for the tram, while the book continues to be kept until the end of the year of Van Vihar to go from the feasibility of a tram in a short time is expected to go out.


One of the biggest expectations is the rail system in Van, almost every environment is spoken. There has been a new development in bringing the rail system to Van. During the period of Van Governor and Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Tashyapan, a project called m feasibility study will be made Murat and the Van Governor Murat Zorluoğulu has started to work on ite feasibility study ite. The prepared team notes the occupancy rates of the bus and minibus at the bus stops of the city and on the busy road routes. As a result of the study conducted under the name of acak Van Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Study altında, the rail system will be clarified. We have photographed the work done for the rail system in the Şehrivan Newspaper, we asked the system to the villagers Şehr


Erdal Sayar, one of the citizens who spoke about the rail system, said: al The transportation problem, which is one of the bleeding wounds of our city, is causing serious turmoil. Because the fast-growing city brought with it the inadequacy of existing access roads. The Beşyol junction, which is the center of both public and private transportation, is seriously inadequate. The only thing our city needs at this point is rail transportation. Although the purple buses provided to our city are a bit of a solution to the transportation problem, there is a heavy disruption in the urban traffic, which is not the only way they can use them. Ne


Say This question has two answers, ar said Sayar. Firstly, Edremit and the center of the bazaar and then a system that will provide access to the campus can be applied. Secondly, a second line may be used to provide access to the Regional Hospital through the urban transport, especially to Beşyol, Maraş, and İçisan Streets. Although it is more economical than highway transportation vehicles, it will give a very different view in terms of its contribution to the environment and being a single type. This is very good if done. ”He said.


Arif Aydınlık, who stated that the rail system would be nice for Van, said: Aydın It will contribute a lot to both Van and the traffic. Van is one of the important needs. Our city is growing with each passing day transportation is very difficult for this. Buses and minibuses are now insufficient. Our citizens cannot go to work or hospital in time. They're going away from where they're going. This is very important for citizens. Sometimes we have patients. We're having a lot of trouble until we get him to the hospital. Maybe we are not a metropolitan city, but we are a big city. In our city there are also a lot of vehicles. This system should be prepared in Van by preparing its infrastructure. Şimd


. The rail system to be built has to be addressed to all citizens. Should not be done with a seduction system. Its infrastructure and future should be taken into consideration. 10-20 should be considered annually, not 100 annually. Apart from that, it is very important on routes. For example, it can go from university to Edremit or Gevaş districts. Even if it passes through the city center, this route becomes much nicer. Especially for citizens who live far away from the city center is very useful. The population of our city is increasing every day. Transport is very difficult for this. Da He said.


Speaking about whether Van's infrastructure is ready for the rail system, Aydınlık said: ın Are the roads and infrastructure in Van for the rail system okay? Not for me. But there is no such thing as infrastructure will not be done. In this sense, serious decisions need to be taken. This is a very important decision. This should be done very well and should be done in the most useful way. It is very good for our students too far away from the city center of the university as well as the rail system Likewise in Edremit. The rail system to be built has to address both the city center and the far away. Yap


Cemal Sarıdaş said that after the earthquake in 2011, Van received serious immigration, bir The population growth in Van is increasing day by day. Of course, one of the biggest side effects is the transportation. Especially in recent years, buildings and houses in Van have been built out of the city. Therefore, transportation problem arises. Van's traffic has a lot of troubles. People can no longer keep up with the hospital and their jobs. So the rail system for Van is now obligatory. The arrival of the rail system will keep the traffic calm. Plus it will be easier to go to remote places as well. Citizens will relax in terms of time and convenient transportation. Hem


Speaking about the routes of the rail system planned to be built or planned, Sarıdaş said: m The route is very important. This should be addressed to all people living in Van. The most useful route should be selected for this. Especially between the University and Edremit. In this context, the center should be connected. In addition, it should go towards the top of Van towards Erek mountain. There must also be a Kale-Pier connection. The rail system Van will add both comfort and beauty. My personal thought had to be done much earlier. We were a little late for that. Biz


Expressing that Van needs rail system, Necmi Becerik said, e Our city is expanding day by day. There is also a lot of immigration. For this, new problems arise every day in transportation. Now our city has grown a lot and you have to have a special vehicle to go anywhere. Of course not everyone has a car. Therefore we use minibuses and buses. If we look at the economy, it goes almost every month for 150 pounds. If the rail system is done, I think it won't cost much. In other words, our city needs a rail system. The traffic problem will be very useful. At the very least, our citizens do not over-use their private vehicles and the traffic will calm down for a while. En


Becerik said: ve Routes and infrastructure are of course important. The municipality needs to handle this very carefully. That's exactly what I said would just cut costs. People do not need to change the 2-3 vehicle to go somewhere. This should be the logic of the rail system. Therefore, the work to be done should be beneficial to the people of Van. It should not only address a specific area. Most of the time we have patients and we have trouble going to the hospital. There are elderly people, for example, they have trouble to go to a place. I believe that it will be very useful in terms of traffic, economy and transportation. Trafik


Kerim Magat, a citizen of the rail system, göre For me, this project is very important for Van, rail system. Our city is growing every day population is growing. Settlement areas are now going out of town. Therefore, the transportation problem is growing day by day. People living in Van are now trying to get away even if they have a private vehicle to go somewhere. Because there are a lot of vehicles in Van and they use public transport. However, it does not carry the minibuses and buses anymore. Sometimes we can't catch up on time and we're late. This is because the traffic is very intense at that time. If the rail system is installed, it will be alleviated. I think it is very useful for our citizens in the transportation and economic area rail system. Iza


Magat example that other cities in Turkey also continued as follows: "Now almost all of Turkey's rail system in the province. We see how useful it is when we go there. I think it was a little late to implement this project. I wish 10 had been done years ago. The arrival of the rail system will allow for economy in the economy and provide convenient transportation facilities. Actually, there's another important issue. This is also the itinerary. For me, it would be nice if you start at university and pass through the city center and go as far as Edremit or Gevaş. Bana


Abdullah Sezgin in Van, the system is no longer needed, he said. Sezgin, ayı In Van, the rail system should be made. There are too many vehicles in Van. People are using too many personal vehicles. This causes a big traffic. Therefore, the rail system needs to be done urgently. Of course 10-20 is not something to do in the day. However, the work has already begun. In doing so, all areas of Van should serve equally. He should not serve certain places. Lı


Selim from citizens who emphasized that you should be transformed into an opportunity Earthquake Age Kalay gave the following statement: "After the earthquake in 2011 it had to be considered. At that time, Van should turn something into an opportunity and it should have given such projects to Van. But unfortunately now, in that period, everyone thought of their own interests. If the Van had been thought, then the demolished places and the damaged areas should be destroyed due to the earthquake and the city should be expanded. The best example of this is in Erzincan. Following the earthquakes in Erzincan in the 1990, streets and streets in Erzincan were expanded and became a city. They don't have rail systems, but they have such a wide path that they can build the rail system whenever they want. It should have been evaluated in this way in Van. Van


Emir Çeliker, one of the citizens who said that it is very important how to do it, said: Only the central population of Van is now too many in many cities. There are railways in those cities, but not in Van. This should be done. However, it is important how it is done rather than done. Edremit to university, but. Only if the Silk Road passes the students in the center again, minibus, bus will ride. Therefore, if the work to be done everything should be thought. It should be done as soon as possible and implemented. Bir


Niyazi Useful, who spoke to your newspaper Şehrivan, said: Yararlı Van and buses in Van are no longer sufficient for transportation. Moreover, their attitude towards people and their interest have now surpassed its limits. People are getting on the bus and minibus because they have to. City buses are nice but they are not enough. Also now Van is a fast city and this speed also grows in the rail system. The municipality has to do this for the public. We've heard of an interim work. I hope that the work, infrastructure and everything ends early and this system should serve now in Van. I think that if a good infrastructure is built, it won't be tight on the routes. Güzel


Mother and son, who shared their opinions about the rail system with us, suffered from the municipality. Anne Emel Doruk said, Anne I am very complainant from the municipality. It's like he never checks public transport. They act very disrespectfully. First of all, there must be a solution. You said a rail system. Yes, we need it. I've traveled many cities. There is this system in very small cities from Van. Van should also be brought urgently. The municipality should keep his hand fast. And if you ask me, this is Van's mega project. Ve


Alper Doruk said: da There is no smart ticket system in Van. It's called work, but it's not. This should be a priority. Municipal buses should definitely be increased. The rail system should not have been done 10-15 years ago today. He's late now. But it has to be done as soon as possible. Van is a very big and beautiful city. These projects and works worthy of Van should be realized. Van transportation has a distressed transportation. The work that will be the forefoot of this is the rail system operation. Bun

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