In Turkey "hyperloop Project" why not?

While the world continues to struggle with conflicts and conflicts, some visionary names continue to work on projects that will change the world and carry humanity to a positive future. One of these past weeks that shook Turkey's famous businessman Elon Musk social media with the visit.

Elon Musk is an extraordinary businessman who caused destructive transformations in many industries such as energy, transportation, finance and space with dreams and projects she established. The location is not a Musk, but a transportation project that is close to becoming a reality with its vision and which can lead to a radical transformation in many sectors such as transportation, logistics and tourism; Hyperloop.

Hyperloop for those not familiar with the subject; A magnetic field or a compressed air stream means a collection of capsules that can carry human and / or cargo in an underground or underground tube, which can reach 1200 km / h per hour (that is, the speed of sound). 2013 is the founder of SpaceX's Hyperloop Alpha report, which was announced by Elon Musk. The video below summarizes the Hyperloop technology very nicely.

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