TÜBİTAK Presses Button for Electric Locomotive Production

Turkey is preparing to move in railway history. TUBITAK pushed the button for the production of electric locomotives. The project is planned to be completed in 48 months

After Turkey domestic automobile project pushed the button for the domestic locomotive. Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü'nun began work under the leadership of TUBITAK. Since planting, 5000 team of people is working for the E160 Type Electric Locomotive Development Project. With the project to be completed in 48 months, TCDD's main freight and passenger transport needs will be met. The design and prototype production of an electric locomotive with the modern driving system, 5.000 kilowatt power, 160 speedometer and TSI (European interoperability regulation) requirements will be made. Certification and tests that will be produced in conjunction with the results of the project is planned to last year 4 electric locomotives, and traction control systems are designed and manufactured in Turkey will have the title of being the most powerful tool field.

which is the most competent institutions in Turkey on rail cars and locomotives in Turkey Project Engine Industries Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ), TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MAM) and İstanbul Technical University (ITU). The consortium will be designed with the cooperation of private sector and the locomotive design and prototype production will be realized. At the end of the project, the prototype will be introduced and the TCDD 20 will start ordering the locomotive by locating the locomotive. The project 5000 kW and greater strength in the rail vehicle and the critical sub-systems to be designed now and the opportunities Turkey will become possible to produce local and national.

In line with the objective of Turkey is scheduled to be 2023 500 number of locomotives in the coming years. The average life of a railway vehicle 30 year. Turkey, a large portion of the approximately $ 30 4 billion will be spent for locomotives throughout the year to stay home with their produce its own locomotives.

Indigenous locomotive project, Turkey is not only the infrastructure operator, in accordance with their own needs to show that it is strong enough to resolve the target 2023 with national designs. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained from the project, there will be an overseas dependence on the design and production of the locomotives according to the needs. Turkey's intellectual property rights to export the technology would also be possible. In this way, Turkey will become one of the leading issuers of the few countries in the world.

Source : www.sabah.com.t is

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