Another First from İZBAN: Double Decker Train

Double-decker train İZBAN pushed the button to introduce İzmir with its unique double-decker trains in the big cities of Europe, USA and Japan. The tender process for the 9 new wagon, the 75 to be double-decked, starts shortly.

Not only in our country, one of the world's fastest-growing rail business which İZBAN, add a new one with the first brings in Izmir, Turkey's first double-decker train. The double-decker trains in the big cities of Europe, USA and Japan are especially preferred for long-distance passengers, allowing them to stay away from the landed area.

IZBAN management, 9 75 double-storey, consisting of a total of 25 wagons has been decided to make the purchase of the new set. Sets; procurement, design, manufacturing and after the test drive "Turkey's first double-decker train" will be in service. Thus, Aliağa, Tepeköy, Selcuk and the remote lines of Bergama, such as the passengers who ride from the distance, the upper floor seating areas will be able to use a much more comfortable journey. The tender process is expected to be finalized in a short time and the production phase of the first sets will be completed in a period like 2.


IZBAN, 30 2010 24 on the journey to the pre-operation began only with the 600 wagon. İZBAN carrying approximately 7 a thousand passengers a month at that time, began to rise to the forefront of the public transportation preferences of passengers with its strategic location on the north-south traffic axis, safe, comfortable and fast service. In the 600 year, the remaining 6 has increased the number of its passengers from 219 to 294 million and the number of wagons has increased to 40. With the introduction of new sets, this number will reach 136. 80 STATION, 31 KILOMETER In the first period, IZBAN, operating on a line with 8 kilometers 40 station, opened the Hilal and then Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı and Tepeköy stations. 136 with the commissioning of the Tepeköy-Selcuk line in September, the number of stations in IZBAN reached XNUMX, while the line length was XNUMX kilometers. Thanks to all these features, İZBAN became one of the fastest growing rail system operators in the world.

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