Every part of the street Akçaray passes through is under occupation!

The tramway road in front of the Kocaeli Palace of Justice is almost under occupation. Tramway shore is filled with vehicles day and night and there is no room for pedestrians

Izmit Karabas neighborhood, Kocaeli Justice Palace, where the stairway line reached the stage of Hafiz Major Street. The street that is located on the tram route is so occupied that pedestrians cannot find a place to pass. The mobile EDS vehicle of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality makes the announcement by passing through the street. Besides, it's day and night, so that's it.

Our colleague Barbaros Tantan is in his social media account, who rebelled against what happened on this street. Photographing the street, Tantan said, “The tram line is occupied day and night by vehicle owners and there is no place for pedestrians to walk. Moreover, the Metropolitan Municipality's mobile EDS vehicle is content with just announcing it when passing by. Who will prevent this callousness? "

Yes, is there anybody who can say that?

Source : I www.kocaelibarisgazetesi.co



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