President Aktaş listens on the subway

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş started his daily work in the subway. Mayor Aktaş, who got on the metro from Kestel station to determine the problems in public transportation, sohbet and got information about the problems they experienced. Stating that a practice where people travel by sticking to glass is not acceptable, Aktaş said that they aim to provide significant relief in the short term with small touches.

Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started an intensive briefing marathon from the moment he took over the office, while he was meeting with the municipal unit officials on the one hand, he also met with the citizens directly and listened to the problems experienced in the city firsthand. Identifying the priority problem of Bursa as transportation and developing projects in this regard, Mayor Aktaş started his daily work on the subway to see the problems experienced in public transportation on the spot. Incoming from the station Kestel İnegöl'den President Aktaş boarding the subway ride, standing listened to the problems of citizens. Metro in the morning, which is the busiest President Aktas traveling, listened to complaints, suggestions and demands from citizens in all areas.

Permanent solutions for small touches
Mayor Aktaş stated that he made a journey with the citizens in order to see the problems experienced in public transportation on the spot and said, hem We both traveled together and interviewed with our citizens. We listened to their complaints, suggestions and requests. Actually, they are all known, but I think it would be healthier to see empathy and make decisions about it. There were students, retirees, ladies, gentlemen and employees among our fellow citizens. Expression effects are as follows; especially in the morning and evening peak hours is very serious distress, there is density, associated with the different price tariffs related to the pricing can be developed. I think that even small readings here will have a serious impact. First of all, the expectation is to improve the quality. There are also complaints that the vehicles do breakdown period by period. These were our findings, a team is already working. I hope we will make touches to public transportation in any case we want to relieve. ”

We will take serious steps
Mayor Aktaş stated that it is not possible to sit down in public transportation especially during peak hours. “There are serious improvements to be made. Because, if so, an application in which people travel by sticking to the glass is not acceptable. Therefore, hopefully, with the practices we will make together with our team, our fellow citizens of Bursa will feel this privilege and this difference. We will evaluate all this information. I'm going to take a ride in the evening. Especially today I came alone. I wanted to make a fix. In addition, we received information about serious issues. We will take serious steps to make the lives of our citizens easier ”.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:59

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