Re-evaluation of baby carriages

The Public Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) came to the public on the perception that the public transport vehicles should be built in public transport vehicles in Manisa. Explaining that the regulation is related to the access of disabled citizens, the issue of re-discussion of the subject to the Metropolitan Municipality said to UKOME.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality said: X In order to benefit from safer, more economical and comfortable transportation services of our citizens within the borders of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, vehicles are used in previous years in Manisa city center and in all other points outside 2015, 2016 and 2017. and today it has been transformed into the public transportation vehicles that can provide effective transportation services with the technological equipment. In this context, 65 of the public transport services that carry on, the citizens of our citizens and our disabled citizens free of charge, veterans and martyrs, as well as 5378 No. According to the provisions of the Law on Disabled Persons within the borders of the public transport service for all those who have accessibility of the disabled and the use of these places are always open to the disabled There is an obligation to keep. tutulma

”The decision was taken at the UKOME meeting, which included other public institutions“
The decision on the availability of the areas reserved for public transport vehicles for citizens with disabilities at the UKOME meeting emphasized that the decision was made at the UKOME meeting. Büyük Due to the complete closure of the sections allocated for the disabled and the public carriages in public transport vehicles in Manisa Büyükşehir Belediye, the issue of the disabled citizens on the basis of their disability by means of an individual or the Association of Disabled Persons, the issue of this issue on the subject and the other public institutions and organizations within the organization of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) was held at the meeting on 02.05.2017 and the board of the board 2017 / 39 in its section eriş The section on the accessibility of the public transport vehicle off state in the condition of the infant and child car gal, you can ride off with the car market. "are arranged in a" given in the statements.

”The decision will be reviewed“
In the news in the press stated that the subject has been seen distorted,, 5216 was established in accordance with the Law on Metropolitan Municipalities and Brigade Command, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Police Department, Highways, State Railways, Investment Monitoring and Coordination, 17 district municipality, such as 20 on the public The Coordination Center of the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), which consists of representatives of the chambers and chambers of the Chamber of Drivers of the Chamber of Drivers and the Autonomous Chamber, has taken a unanimous decision of the members according to the needs and socio-economic conditions of our city. a well-intentioned arrangement by UKOME to ensure that distorted citizens are more distorted from public transport upon the realization that menin moved to other places irrelevant, the problems experienced in the process after regulation and the public opinion in the public to eliminate the false perception of this kind, the Municipality of our Metropolitan Municipality has been proposed to review the decision to UKOME. The arrangements to be made by the UKOME General Assembly on this matter will be announced to the public later. UK

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