TCDD Transportation 2017 Year First Institution Administrative Board Meeting Held

The first company administrative board meeting of 2017 was held between the Transportation Officer-Sen and the General Directorate of TCDD. Mayor Can Cankesen, Vice Chairman Ibrahim Uslu, Kenan Caliskan, Ankara 3 Branch President Atilla Demirtunc and TCDD General Directorate Heads attended the meeting. The meeting was discussed with 17.


Engineer, Technician, Technician and Technical Supervisor working in 1-Vehicle Maintenance workshops; to ensure the payment of land compensation for the work in the garden open area type outside the workshop.

2- 2 personnel in psychotechnical tests. just re-enter the tests at the entrance.

3- Causal relationship of accident reports and the need for prevention to be published in the annual book.

4- The maintenance of the dormitories of the dwellings to the personnel and testing the earthquake resistance of the lodgings and evaluating the problematic lodgings for the necessary operations.

5- In Samsun, personnel are disbanded in the wrong size. Problems arise due to the phrase dolayı Shirts are distributed according to the size of the trousers çıkmak in the tender specifications. Personnel liners are distributed in the correct size by taking body measurements, as well as changing the shirts distributed incorrectly in 2017.

6- To solve the transportation problem of the mechanics in the new HVL Warehouse in Eryaman side,

7- Implementation of protective food aid in collective bargaining

8- Providing security personnel to prevent possible security weaknesses under the designated squad, especially the stations, and appointing them as civil servants at the request of the security personnel who exceed the age of 45.

9 - Electronic transport opening by taking into consideration personnel transfer requests throughout the organization

10-2018 In January, the scale adjustment of the basic fees to the level of wages as much as possible.

11- Appropriation of salaried and personal rights of the falling staff and assigning them to appropriate titles,

Appointment of permanent appointments in all chiefs and directorates at all levels such as 12-Wagon Service Chief, Logistics Chief Warehouse Chief,

Elimination of active personnel shortage in titles such as 13-Wagon Technician, Logistics Officer, Train Organizer,

14-Exams on the rise and title change as soon as possible to open exams,

Opening of the 15-Cer mid-level course and ensuring the participation of mechanic and wagon technicians

16-In the case of spousal transfers, the personnel shall not be victimized and legal procedures should be avoided by performing procedures in accordance with the general requirements of the assignment and relocation regulation.

17- Warehouse Chiefs who are successful in going to the Treasurer course and arranging Warehouse Chief candidate courses.


  • Follow-up of the above-mentioned requests by regular meetings or negotiations with the union,
  • Ensuring the participation of the same people by preventing different personnel participation in the meetings or interviews to be held,
  • About the decisions taken after the meeting, the correspondence with the departments is signed by the Head of the Department and given detailed answers to the events in question,

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate of Transport Employees Officer Union has been reached.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 17:02

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