TCDD Lands Transferred to the Municipality with the Participation of Minister Özlü

In the 2014 Local Elections, it was a real project with the protocol signed by the General Directorate of TCDD and the Municipality of Karabük.

Speaking at the Signing Ceremony, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili gave a brief briefing to Minister Özlü about his services to Karabük during his 8-year term.

President Vergili later continued his speech as follows; “One of the most important works for our Karabük was the integration of the State Railways land, which divided the city into two, with the city. A land of about 160 acres created a space in the middle of the city. Upon our agreement with the State Railways, the loading, unloading and maintenance and repair units of the State Railways will move to a land approximately 2 kilometers away from Karabük. Thus, we will integrate this 160-acre land in the city center with the city and create a new street and street. Instead of the State Railways lodgings in our Kartaltepe District, 97 luxury flats from TOKİ in our Soguksu District belonging to our Municipality will be handed over to the State Railways after they are transferred to the State Railways. No matter how much I am from the opposition party, I always saw the ruling party, the government and the state with me. I would like to thank our General Director of State Railways and their staff, Mehmet Ali Şahin Bey, Karabük Governor Kemal Çeber, Karabük Deputy Burhanettin Uysal who contributed to this issue.

Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü, who attended the land transfer ceremony between Karabük Municipality and TCDD, who was the guest of honor for the protocol; “Mr. President, thank you very much. Wherever we go to Anatolia, there is either an industrial site left in the center of the city or the property of one of the public institutions. Indeed, this transformation is extremely important. We combine a structure that divides Karabük into two with Karabük. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in this regard. We are establishing a new Technopark in Karabük. We will provide the necessary support in this. Hopefully it will come to life in a short time. We will do whatever is necessary for Eskipazar Organized Industrial Zone, we will start expropriation procedures very soon. Whatever our Ministry can do for Karabük, we will do our best. I am very happy to be in Karabük. Do not think that Karabük has no Minister, I am the Minister of Karabük ”.

Mehmet Ali Şahin, the deputy of Karabük; “This project is an important project for Karabük. Because this project had to be implemented in order to make Karabük a more modern city. Mr. Rafet really made a great effort in this regard. The work done is done for Karabük. If something is to be done for Karabük, we all go hand in hand, arm in arm and do it together. Local Government and Central Government as set forth in Karabük We hope to be an example to Turkey's all these beautiful paintings. I also thank Rafet Bey for these approaches. The important thing is that this project is implemented in a short time. If it is realized as planned, the face of Karabük will be positively developed. ”

After the speeches, the Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili and TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın The handover protocol was signed. Protocol, Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü, Parliament Speaker of the former Parliament and Karabük deputy Mehmet Ali Sahin, Karabuk Governor Kemal Çeber, Karabük Deputy Professor. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal was the guest of honor.

With the handover protocol signed between Karabük Municipality and TCDD, approximately 60.000 m2 of housing area and 77 lodgings in Kartaltepe District of State Railways have been transferred to Karabük Municipality. On the other hand, 3 + 1, 141 m2, 97 luxury residences and 1 porter apartment were given by TOKİ, which is located in Soguksu District, to the General Directorate of TCDD by Karabuk Municipality. In addition, 170.000 m2 of approximately 120.000 m2 of land owned by TCDD in the center of Karabük has been transferred to Karabük Municipality, and in the project, profit sharing will be made between Karabük Municipality and TCDD. Thus, TCDD's loading, unloading and maintenance and repair units in the central area will be expropriated and moved to the area in Aşağı Kızılcaören by TCDD.



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