TCDD is recruiting former convicts!

TCDD stated that it would recruit personnel. According to the announcement, TCDD will receive ex-convict personnel in Elazığ with 1 personnel. Here are the details.

TCDD 10 According to the announcement dated November 2017, ex-convict personnel will be recruited. TCDD is made in this announcement, the State Personnel Presidency website, on November 15 2017 Business demand will be published in Turkey Business Authority. 541 ex-convict personnel will be recruited as TCDD Elazığ 1 Signaling and Communication Maintenance Supervisor as Rail Systems Signalization Maintenance and Repair.

According to the applications made, candidates will take oral exams for TCDD candidates. Applicants who submit their applications to ISKUR, fill the application form to be published on the official website of TCDD and the documents required to be able to take the oral exam. Hipodrom Cad. No: 11.12.2017 will arrive at Altındağ / ANKARA. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not take the oral exam.

According to the final list reported by Iskur, TCDD will send notification date and official documents to candidates. Accordingly, the oral exam, 14 2017 10 00: 3 General Directorate of TCDD Human Resources Department Anafartalar Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: XNUMX Altındağ / ANKARA. Candidates who want to examine the full text of the advertisement click here.

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