TCDD 90 Will Receive Officer!

KPSS 2017 / 2, which will be organized by OSYM, will make 90 recruits with TCDD secondary education graduation. So what are the positions?

Public institutions operating in our country continue to be placed in institutions with the central placement assignment organized during the year. Accordingly, the second and final assignment of 2017 will be made by KPSS 2017 / 2 14 as of November 2017 and the candidates will apply to the opened positions, positions and according to the Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS).

second-year center assignment of 2017 2017 / 2 the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the agency will carry out in-house civil servants and recruitment to employment. According to this, we have studied the preferred robot for secondary school graduates and we learned that TCDD will appoint 90 personality. So what positions to do and what are the details.

TCDD KPSS 2017 / 2 performs the central assignments (GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF STATE RAILWAY TRANSPORTATION GENERAL DIRECTORATE) and (TCDEVLET RAILWAY BUSINESS GENERAL DIRECTORATE) with the name of the institution. The total number of 90 personnel is reserved for secondary school graduates. So what are the positions to buy?

TCDD will be recruited for two different positions given above and it will be seen that 90 personnel will be assigned for secondary school graduates. Candidates will apply their applications through the Candidate Processes System (AİS) which is on the official website of the ÖSYM. Applications 14 will begin on November 2017 and 23 will end in November.

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