20 New Bus Coming To The City In Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Council 13 meets on Monday. The session will be voted on the 76 clause, which consists of district council decisions and commission reports. The process for the purchase of the new municipal bus 20 will be initiated for public transport services.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality November Ordinary Assembly Meeting will be held on Monday November 13. In the session to be held at the Metropolitan Assembly Meeting Hall, the total 5 agenda will be decided with the 76 agenda. The meeting will begin at 14.00, where members of the Assembly will discuss district council decisions and commission reports.

Stadium handed over to Metropolitan
The agenda will be delegated to President Toçoğlu on the transfer of the New Sakarya Stadium to the Metropolitan Municipality. The 2018 Fiscal Year fare tariffs will be discussed and resolved at the May parliament meeting. President Toçoğlu will be authorized to buy 20 new municipal bus for public transportation services and the process will be officially started.

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