Response from Doğa Derneği to İzmir Bay Transition Project

Discussions on the Izmir Bay Pass Highway are growing. Doğa Derneği, EGEÇEP, TMMOB and 85 have filed a lawsuit against the highway-related bridge project planned to be built in Izmir Bay and demanded the cancellation of the kişi positive TM decision of the environmental impact assessment report. Public organizations, academics and civil society experts have been following the 35 year in the Gediz Delta, where nearly 20 thousand pairs of flamingos were hatched last year.

Last day, Aziz Kocaoglu said, oğlu There is the issue of Gulf transit. They say we can do it. I'm your brother with the most votes. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. I want a tube pass. You hear something that doesn't hear. I want to make the tube pass undisputed. Do it brother ini he said.

Dicle Tuba Kılıç, General Coordinator of Doğa Derneği made a statement on the subject. He said: Genel We read with sadness the explanation of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. The Gediz Delta of Izmir is one of the most important wetlands in the world and is the only wetland in the world, which has a population of over four million. Flamingos live in the Gediz Delta of Izmir, ten percent of the world's population. Kocaoğlu, who was also the president of IZKUS for a certain period, even defended the transition project, and even disappointed those who saw the nature of Izmir as the greatest wealth of the city. You can make bridges in all cities of the world. However, you do not have the chance to live in flamingos in any city other than Izmir on earth. It is very thought-provoking that President Kocaoglu and power could not come together on almost any subject, and that he met the protected areas of Izmir to destroy the birds and to expand the city to the west. Başkan

In the current project plan, the area where the bridges will be located is protected as the first degree natural protected area since 1999. At the same time, a region defined as the Absolute Protection Area under the Regulation on the Protection of Wetlands nearly ten years ago. Flamingos have changed for hundreds of years. The mid-winter water bird counts conducted in the region for ten years without interruption and in the recent years under the coordination of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks reveal that flamingos are one of the most important feeding areas in the world. Regularly ten thousand or more flamingos are fed in this region. Flamingos fly throughout the day and come from the nesting areas to be fed to this area. So it is not possible to build the bridge without damaging the flamingos.

Dicle Tuba Kılıç, General Coordinator of Doğa Derneği, said: ği Since Mayor Kocaoglu has been going through the Birds of Paradise for many years, he advocates that the highway project is not a bridge but a whole. However, this possibility is not even evaluated in the current migration project file. Therefore, in order to have a dream of a tubular transition, the planned highway project should be stopped first. Besides, this project, which is the exit point of the Gediz Delta even if there is a full tube passage, will cause Izmir to step up the growth pressure on the delta and flamingos as in Mavişehir. The highway should not be considered for the Gediz Delta, which is one of the ten flamingos in the world. We will continue to work in all legal and conscientious ways to completely cancel the current project. We want to see that the opposition and the power work together not to destroy the nature and the birds of Izmir, but to carry these values ​​to the next generations and develop projects in this direction. İzmir should not be a tomb for birds. İzmir

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