Abandoned rail in Paris's 80 year ago

Abandoned spaces have a time-defying state. The magical state of abandoned spaces also inspires the art of many artists. The photographer Pierre Folk, who realized this spell, signed a project in which he photographed what was left of the abandoned grand Paris railway. Here are the details İşte

Photographer Pierre Folk, 80 has signed a project in which he photographed the remains of the abandoned Great Paris railway some 3 years ago.

The project or By the Silent Line ”consists of photographs of the 1852 kilometer ları The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture proje, which was built during the Industrial Revolution and used between 1934 and 32.

This train, once a concrete symbol of development, became unusable by the rise of the car and underground transport.

Even though it is not known what will be the abandoned railway, the Folk project succeeds in excavating the quietest time in the city.

Source: nolm.us, Hürriyet



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