Panoramic Discovery to Bursa

Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, visited the regions of Bursa, which have been experiencing traffic difficulties along with the planned and planned investments with Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu.

Aktaş, who has been making feverish efforts to identify and solve the problems in Bursa since the day he took office, examined the ongoing and planned investments with Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu after last week's examinations and listening to the demands of the citizens.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's ongoing and newly planned investments in providing information about the Çavuşoğlu'e Aktas, helicopter after an hour-long review said, devam Bursa, a rapidly growing city. When you go to the street in Bursa to ask whom the problem of the first item transportation, traffic situation, the quality of public transportation, speed and price is mentioned about the boredom. We evaluate separately. Bursa, a general photo vertical, let's look at. It was a useful trip. We took our notes, we will make the lives of our people easier with the new era will feel the difference, "he said.

Cooperation with district municipalities
President Aktaş stated that there will be positive effects of the studies, and “The works to be carried out today and after that will also have a positive effect for many years. Both the central government facilities, as well as the possibilities of the Metropolitan Municipality and the benefactors, build-operate-transfer and business people will use the opportunities, we will take steps together, hem he said.

Aktas, in cooperation with the district municipalities in unity with the common mind to join Bursa underlined that much more beauty will participate.

“We will share with the President“
President Aktas, Bursa will be taken to the efficient steps, said: “So far I had my detections but it was good to see. Following this examination, the Isabey solid waste collection station in the east of the city, the 250 acres park in the foundation, the water factory in Kestel, the urban transformation in the west of the city and the situation in Nilufer, the traffic jam in the busy traffic circulation around the stadium and the Acemler, north and the T2 line on the south line and the state of the associated roads. We have to make a note of the notes we take. We will share this impression with Mr. President and hope that we will act with a great unity in the name of government and local administration in order to bring Bursa to the place it deserves. Bursa tomorrow will be more beautiful, Bursa he said.

”Priority transportation“
President Aktas, who invited all the residents to the consultations at any time, explained the steps to be taken in relation to transportation: kav The intersections that are in the program, the intersections revised by the transportation department, the roads that we try to expand, and the benefit cost analysis. We are going to do a more airborne survey with only transportation. And told that they will share with the public a new study planned to be implemented together with BURULAŞ and Transportation Department.

President Aktaş emphasized the importance of transportation in Bursa and said:, Bursa is talking about transportation, the intensity of traffic, the quality of transportation, the price of public transportation traf These improvements need to be made, of course, within the scope of the plan, We said that we will make discounts. In high-growth cities such as Bursa, traffic is unfortunately inevitable, but we need to minimize this with the applications we will do. It is important to remember that the morning, evening and weekend hours are peak hours. We will definitely have important touches and moves that can be done. Kesinlikle

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