Train crash in Congo: 34 dead

More than 34 was reported to have been killed in the train crash in the southeast of the Congo Democratic Republic.

More than 34 civilians lost their lives in the southeastern country. Lubudi Kazadi of Lubudi region, Lubumbashi Luena load-bearing train 13 wagon of the train, Lualaba region to derail from the track and rolled into the abyss.

There are many illegal passengers on the train that records Kazadi, more than 30 in the accident and killed many people reported that injured.

13 wagon 11 of the train carrying fuel tanks and the accident after the accident that tells about the accident, a team of experts referred to the region to be shipped, he said.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the railways were built in 1960 where independence was won. The most weathered railways in the country are located in the region of the accident.

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