Koçbay Visited Gaziemir Transportation Personnel, School and Training Center Command

TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim KOÇBAY, Deputy Regional Director Nizamettin Cicek and M. Soner Bas TCDD Transportation Inc. Logistics Service Deputy Director Habil Emir, Gaziemir Transportation, Personnel School and Training Center Command visited.

During the visit, the railway car museum consisting of railroad, steam locomotives and wagons, railway wagon loading training area for the personnel involved in the carriage of wagons, the transport museum and the agon Behiç Erkin Corner demiryolu, which is the General Director of TCDD at the time of national struggle, were visited and information was received from the authorities.
Later, Colonel Celal EZER, Transport, Staff School and Training Center Commander Colonel Behiç ERKİN, who passed the history as the father of Turkish Railways, was named as inin The Sword 22 February 1922 s. In the direction of Atatürk, he directed the transportation of personnel / supply materials to the façade, and removed the steel from the rail and wagons and built the swords needed by the cavalry. The letter of assignment was given to the General Directorate of TCDD with the explanatory rail and sword model.

TCDD 3. Regional Director of KOÇBAY, the Colonel EZER, which is the traditional anchor of the trainers and the Izmir Railways book was printed as a gift.

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