Kırklareli opened the historic railway station ranta

TCDD has decided to tender for 100 annual historical station. Kırklareli Mayor Mehmet Kesimoğlu from CHP said, iz We don't let this place go to rent. If necessary, we will go on hunger strike to cancel the tender. ”

The decision to issue a tender for the historic railway station in Kirklareli raised the citizen. City landmarks, 1. TCDD 1, which owns the property for the historic station building, which is a monumental structure that is highly conserved and has not been used for years. Regional Directorate announced that 24 will hold a rental tender on November. According to the tender announcement, 2-storey station building, toilets, weighbridge and gas station buildings, 2-storey lodging, water tank and the surrounding area of ​​39 thousand 863 square meters of total immovable 40 thousand 964 square meters will be rented for “Social, Cultural and Commercial” purpose.


In other words, 100 will be rented to be used in historical Kırklareli railway station, kiosk, tea stove, cafeteria, restaurant and similar ways, which are the symbolic buildings of the Republican era with an annual history. The lower limit is determined as monthly 10 thousand TL rental tender, closed envelope will be made with the method of receiving bids. Kırklareli Mayor of the CHP, Mehmet Kesimoğlu, who has been trying to restore the historic station building to the public for years, reacted to the tender. Kesimoğlu said, bina The building which was not given to us and abandoned to its fate will be rented by TCDD. Even if it belongs to TCDD, it is the real property of the people of Kırklareli. ”

'They can't get license from us'

Stating that the train station has not come for years Gara Kesimoğlu, “Now for the sake of rent in the garage field will not allow anyone to withdraw. If necessary, I will go on hunger strike with the councilors to cancel the tender. This is a protected area. If they try to build, they won't get a license from me. Citizens are also very sensitive about this, ”he said. Kesimoğlu, this Republic building to be used as a protocol building that will be hosted by foreign guests to restore the original and the surrounding cycling paths will be allocated to the Kırklareli Municipality to make arrangements.


Kırklareli City Council, which is an important part of the historical and cultural heritage, hosting many festivals in the city's largest green area to private businesses launched a petition against renting. The historical building is described as “monumental de in the ırk Kırklareli Cultural Heritage Inventory ı prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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  1. We are the only country in the world of Yahu friend, without a business. I don't understand how this incompetence at the end of the station cannot be opened to train management. this is not the only place in this country in Kırklareli. There is also Kahramanmaraş in this way, one of the two million cities like Adana and Gaziantep near the other, while there is a giant like Istanbul near the other.