Izmir's Ham Domestic Car ”for the second move came

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, activating the leading names of the sector for the production of ecek Domestic Cars ”, will perform the için second summit İzmir with Izmir MPs on Saturday. The 8 Personality Monitoring and Monitoring Committee will draw the road map by informing the attorneys of the city.

holds an important place in Turkey's agenda "Place automobile manufacturing" project wishing to host the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor led by Aziz Kocaoglu after the summit yesterday, it will take on Saturday the second important step in showing the determination on this issue. The 8 Personality Monitoring and Follow-Up Committee, which was established at the meeting with the pioneers of the automotive sector in Izmir, will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the city with the deputies of İzmir and the developments in the choice of place. İzmir MPs from different political parties will cooperate to realize the project ecek Domestic automobile production in İzmir de in line with the strategy to be determined in this meeting. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), Ender Yorgancılar, ESBAŞ CEO Faruk Güler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiryakiler Oto Makine Mehmet Tiryaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm Cömert Fatih Uysal, İnci Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Neşe Gök, TERBAY Chairman Abdullah Baysak, CMS Rim Chairman Bertuğ Ösen and Sector Consultant Mustafa Menku together with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu will also participate.

What did they say?
The leading names of the business world of Izmir, the Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun “domestic car production project to be realized in Izmir ı initiative and what should be done on this issue said:

Faruk Güler (CEO of ESBAŞ): ime It is very important that the local government is willing to invest in such a meeting, to bring the sector together and to say's I am ready for this job “. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Izmir in this race .. İzmir

M.Ali Susam (EGEV Chairman of the Board of Directors): bir In this sense, the invitation of the President is a message that we are ready for this. It is useful to conduct our work as an Aegean policy. Çalış
Ekrem Demirtaş (Chairman of the Board of Izmir Chamber of Commerce): “There is a sector strong enough to make an automobile in this city. It is very advantageous to solve the land. Ar

Ender Yorgancılar (Chairman of EBSO): BS What advantages can we offer to the investor firms? En We are working on the question. We have the strength and faith to succeed. Başar

Yusuf Öztürk (Chairman of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce): Şube We have many advantages in İzmir. Because the state will benefit more than one, you must choose İzmir! Devlet

Barış Kocagöz (President of the Izmir Commodity Exchange): bir It is a very correct initiative to come together for such an important project. Barış

Mustafa Iduğ (former President of EGOD): sanayi There are very successful babayiğit in İzmir's automotive sub-industry. Mustafa
Mehmet Tiryaki (Chairman of Tiryakiler): Kurulu Energy storage system and software for electric car production are highlighted. Investments should be encouraged. Yatırım

Neşe Gök (Chairman of İnci Holding Board of Directors): karar Investment decision makers will first look at the land and then human resources. Izmir, especially the white collar is experiencing the golden age. İzmir


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