Aziz Sancar and Ihsan Alyanak ships entered service in Izmir

The last two of the 15 passenger ships, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has provided for sea transportation, were put into service. The ships were named after the legendary Mayor of Izmir, Ihsan Alyanak, and Aziz Sancar, Nobel Chemistry Prize Professor of Turkey. The Metropolitan has thus completed the 3 fleet of ships, including the 18 car ferry.

In order to increase the share of maritime transport in public transportation and to renew the existing fleet with modern, environmentally friendly and suitable for disabled use, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service the last two of the 15 passenger ships that it ordered. The ships, named after Ihsan Alyanak, one of the legendary mayors of Izmir, and Aziz Sancar, Nobel Prize Laureate Professor of our country, started their voyages from Bostanlı Pier. President Aziz Kocaoglu, the request of a taxi driver came to the vehicle can not break. Atilla Sertel, Deputy of Izmir Province, Ali Asuman Güven, CHP Mayor Sema Pekdaş, Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, Çiğli Hasan Arslan, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce, Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Çakır, İhsan Alyanak's son Tevfik Alyanak, Professor. Dr. Aziz Sancar's brother Hasan Sancar, his nephew Enver Sancar and many KarşıyakaHe joined.

These ships will not have metal fatigue
Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, in order to strengthen the sea transportation 15 passenger ship to the sea transportation said they were happy to bring. Çok The ships are made of catamaran type carbon composite material and are very durable, dayanıklı said Minister Kocaoglu, d There will be no situation like metal fatigue. Because we don't rot and rust. 13 ship has the capacity of 22 knots, while today we take the service Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar and Ihsan Alyanak vessels are cruising rapidly with 30 knots. Therefore, it has the capacity to travel in international waters, in the middle and outer Gulf. We have renewed all ships belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality in the Gulf with our ferryboats. From now on, 18 pieces will continue to be navigated on our own ship. Bugün

İhsan Alyanak and Aziz Sancar
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ihsan Alyanak, the name of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 15. erek Aziz Sancar is one of the few people who made us, who made us who we are, and who keeps us apart from other nations, by continuing to develop this love of our homeland so much, bir says Aziz Sancar, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. . Turkey's problems in his own country and the only view of the world as a chemistry professor, I had the chance to share as a man of thought. He said he couldn't come to the ceremony when we talked on the phone. Family, relatives came. Our Nobel Prize in Chemistry is our pride, honor, name-by-name Aziz Sancar's name in the Gulf, we will live saliva, lü he said.

Rail system 16 floor has grown
In order to solve the transportation problem which is one of the biggest problems of the big cities in his speech, Governor Kocaoğlu told about the projects they have implemented in İzmir.
Den We want to benefit from the Gulf at maximum level. We want to increase rail system investments. At the moment, we have been able to meet our needs for 50. If necessary, two additional reinforcements will be made. We've made a huge jump in the rail system. So we grew 11 floor. At the beginning of the year, with the 164 kilometer Konak tramway, we went on the tender of Narlıdere metro which will be the 16 kilometer. When the tender is finished, we will start construction as a deep tunnel. In order to solve Buca's transportation problem, we will make 14 kilometers deep tunnel metro from Buca Tınıztape ÜçÇamlıkule to Üçyol. At the moment, the ministries are in the stage of approval. We will also lay its foundation in 178 Onun.
Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that they will also commission new berths to strengthen maritime transport in the Gulf. Karşıyaka we cannot begin construction and screening because coastal plans have not been approved. Guzelbahce Pier is running out. Our biggest problem is that our 18 ferry has no place to stay. When the storm comes, we call the captains from the house and release the ferries to the Gulf. However, the fishing shelter is empty and we have been trying to get here for 7 for years..

The truth of credit in Narlidere metro
In his speech at the ceremony, President Kocaoğlu shared his experiences in the process of seeking loans for the construction of the Narlıdere Metro.
Ed 7 - 8 a month ago, an international financial institution visited us and said they had made an agreement with Iller Bank and they could give 110 million Euros for Narlidere Metro. The interest was 1.34. Iller Bank was also taking interest at 0.50. So we could use this loan with 1.84 interest. We have stated that we would like to use this credit by writing to Iller Bank. This loan was taken as 150 million Euros; 40 million Euro was given to the project of Antalya Municipality. There's no place to be. I went to Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki. He didn't say anything. I made an appointment with the Prime Minister. I'm trying to get this cheap credit; door on the wall. I went to Iller Bank last. I talked to the General Manager. 'We will use that money in urban transformation,' he said. Thank you. In the morning we went to an authorized credit of saving some money in Turkey. He said, 'No, they cannot use that money in urban transformation. We brought this money for infrastructure work, 'they said. We will make an appointment with the Prime Minister from that date and say, 'Why don't you give us this credit?' He did not. When we could not use this credit, we received a loan of 70 million Euros with interest of 3.5. So twice as Yani iki

Let the people of Izmir know
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's strong financial structure can easily take credit for their stressed Mayor Kocaoglu, "Our loan lenders, because the note we Aaa, 14 years and one day no institution, that one day delay our establishment in debt and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's debt payment ethic in Turkey also gave to the ceilings. I have to give the money to the people of Izmir by taking the interest half. I strengthened the construction of finance; I increased my reputation. Metropolitan Municipality and this city '3.5 1.84 percent not use this credit with XNUMX' I need to be able to say, but unfortunately I can not say. Unfortunately and unfortunately I can not say. Why am I saying that on this happy day? I want the citizens of Izmir to see and know the processes we are going through in short short passages İzmir.

They didn't give a penny for the city's development.
President of Izmir, 14 years and only with his own power, the city's power and the development of the development, growth of the city under the leadership of President, who emphasized the growth of President Kocaoglu continued his speech:
Için The development of Izmir, other than the airport, Istanbul road, the Northern Ring Road and the divided road with the central government-built transfer model, Izmir did not provide a penny of Turkish Lira, including the metropolitan and district municipalities, in order to increase the well-being of the people. This needs to be known by the people of Izmir. 5 years ago 'hand face slimy, dust in the soil in Izmir' those who say, who add other adjectives today 'Izmir is our pupil' they say. Desinler kal Izmir, Izmir lovers, respect, but they should not leave. This city needs many more. This city's needs, projects, get support. Self-developed city; serious from the government center, will be the locomotive of Turkey's more healthy if it takes investments. It is our duty to work and protect the right, law and money of İzmir. Ve

Flour flour
In his speech, Chairman Kocaoğlu also touched upon perception of perception made in Izmir in Izmir and emphasized the following:
“Stat will be held in Izmir since 2011. During this period, we gained Bornova and Tire status. Thanks to the Bornova stadium Göztepe rose to the super league. I hope the next year the Golden Corps rises. Metropolitan, Bornova and Tire municipalities do not have a duty to make stat. If you don't; need, the municipality put his hand under the stone and did. Most recently they found a parking space at Alsancak Stadium. Sir, it's slime, no parking. They are dealing with the intelligence of Izmir. They don't know where they are made, where construction technology comes from, or they paint the eyes of Izmir. Our municipalities do not do illegal work. In the Municipality of Konak Karşıyaka and all municipalities. Not legal; contradictory 'The stadium is blocking' they go on top of the President. As the Greater Municipality of Alsancak Stadium 4 thousand 236 square meters have given our place. Contact Hüseyin directly Karşıyaka For the stadium gave place to 2750 square meters. For Göztepe Stadium, we gave an area of ​​square meter over 1400. The last time we 'against us, the city's future, zoning, although it disrupts the plan you do all kinds of private property projects, licenses from the Ministry of Environment' we said. A friend came out 'Let's show the parking lot' he says. I don't sell land, real estate. You are selling everything, including Tekel's Regional Directorate of Highways; 'Show the car park of the stadium, let's do' you say. I don't need to show you. There is a place allocated to Dokuz Eylül University. You take it, you park it. Spreading something like this and there is something called perception management here. The balance of 80 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey to manage the perception is broken; whispering whirls ”.

Thanks to Mayor Kocaoğlu
Speaking at the ceremony Karşıyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar, the head of Turkey's Izmir's unforgettable pride with Prof. Ihsan Alyanak Aziz Sancar's name was given to the service of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality thanked the ships, “These valuable names given to these ships shows the kadirşinaslığını İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its duty to clean the gulf and to use it more actively in public transportation. The tram, which was added to our district to spread public transportation, facilitated the transportation of our citizens. Our biggest wish is the tram Karşıyaka and Konak. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for their work. We believe that these ships will set sail for peace, democracy and freedom at sea. ”

There is a letter from Aziz Sancar
On the other hand, the ceremony Dr. Aziz Sancar's letter sent from North Carolina, USA, in his own handwriting was read. Sancar said that he was very proud of the fact that a ship bearing his name was serving in the Gulf of Izmir. Düşman I watched the liberation ceremonies of 9 September 2015, the anniversary of the liberation of İzmir from the enemy occupation, in İzmir. I was very touching watching the ceremonies with my wife. One month after this date, I won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and thought that Izmir brought me luck. Izmir is Turkey's mirror in a sense. It is a great honor to me that my brothers from Izmir gave my name to a cruise ship. On this occasion, I would like to thank the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and my name Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu and all the people of İzmir for his kindness. Ves

First time in the Gulf
After the ceremony, Dr. Aziz Sancar's first cruise in the Gulf was held with the participation of Mayor Kocaoglu and the guests. Mayor Kocaoglu, sat on the captain's seat. Mayor Kocaoglu captain in the mansion of the daughter of Ihsan Alyanak's granddaughter Murad Alyanak'ın Asuman Alyanak had a pleasant conversation. Little Murad was born 3 year after 1 March, where İhsan Alyanak died.

Make international voyages
The 15 cruise ship produced within the scope of “Maritime Transportation Development Project in of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was designed for inland gulf voyages. Karşıyakaİhsan Alyanak and the last ship of the fleet Prof.Dr. Dr. Aziz Sancar was built and certified in accordance with the High Speed ​​Boat (HSC) code. Both ships reaching 30 knots will be able to make international voyages. Ships can go 400 miles without refueling.

Not on these ships
Like the other ships of the fleet, the main building material is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, more durable, more durable and operating costs are lower than the 'carbon composite' material produced with Ihsan Alyanak. Dr. Aziz Sancar has 400 passengers and 4 passenger wheelchairs. The ship has full electronic control system and maneuverability, so it can perform berthing and disengagement in short time. The ships consist of two floors and the main deck is closed and the upper deck is closed and open. Its comfortable and ergonomic seats provide a wide seat distance. For the visually impaired passengers there is also a feelable surface and embossed warning and direction signs written in Braille alphabet where necessary. The ships also include 2 men, 2 men and women with 1 handicapped toilets, as well as a baby care table. In order to meet the needs during the journey in the new ships of Izmir, automatic sales buffets with buffet and cold gideril hot drinks were sold, as well as television and wireless internet equipment. Another feature of the ships is the availability of 10 bicycle parking. In order to allow passengers to travel comfortably, the air conditioning system has independent pet cages for traveling with friends.

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