Izmir set out for a domestic automobile… Who is on the committee?

The representatives of the automotive sector and the business world, who came together under the leadership of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, presented a very meaningful photo showing Izmir's determination in domestic automobile production. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “It is our wish that the preference for domestic cars is to be used in Izmir. "Our acting together brings Izmir one step further." At the meeting, a Monitoring and Follow-up Committee of 8 people was established under the chairmanship of EBSO President Ender Yorgancılar.

"Place automobile production" while holding an important place in Turkey's agenda, this project is a very important move came from Izmir who want to host. Sector representatives who came together at the invitation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu discussed the pros and cons of İzmir in this project. At the meeting where alternative places for this important investment were discussed, a Monitoring and Follow-up Committee of 8 people was also formed.

Making a statement after the meeting at the Historical Gas Factory, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they came together with the industry and business world to determine the roadmap for the preference of Izmir in domestic automobile production and said, “It is our wish that the preference for Izmir is used in this project. Today, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Izmir. We exchanged ideas about the choice of location. We also formed a committee to conduct lobbying activities. This committee will hold a meeting with our Izmir MPs and inform them in a short time. We will ask all our parliamentarians to participate in lobbying activities by using all their political powers to invest in Izmir. We, as the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will give our best support to establish the factory in Izmir. We are already ready for infrastructure works. We care about this investment for the development of the city and to increase the living standards. "Our acting together with the sector brings Izmir one step further."

Izmir advantages
Ender Yorgancılar, Chairman of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), who was elected as the chairman of the 8-person Monitoring and Follow-up Committee, said that they experienced the best example of acting together in İzmir. Quilters continued as follows:
“We came together with our chambers and the leading representatives of the automotive industry, upon the invitation of our Honorable Mayor. Upon the directives of our President and 5 entrepreneurial companies taking action to do this job, we became a candidate for the establishment of a domestic automobile company in İzmir. We want to highlight the advantages of İzmir. İzmir is very advantageous with its port, human resources, previous investments such as Opel and BMC, successful companies in the automotive supplier industry, and university-industry cooperation. This advantage will go even higher when the Istanbul-Izmir highway is completed. At our meeting, we agreed that the most important center of this business is Izmir and its surroundings. After this meeting, we will join our forces by inviting our deputies. We believe that our deputies, our Prime Minister, who is a deputy of Izmir, and our Minister of Economy, who is a deputy of the Aegean, will support our request. This investment to Izmir kazanWe will make an effort to climb. I would also like to thank our President Aziz Kocaoğlu Kocaoğlu, who organized this meeting.”

Aliağa-Bergama-Kınık region stands out
Yorgancılar, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality planning work on the location of the research continues, but Bergama, Kınık and Aliağa region because of the proximity to the ports, he said. Yorgancılar, members of the press whether the car will be completely indigenous, “Including Korea, the locality of cars with their own brands do not exceed 60 percent. It's addictive. Today, there are such companies in Izmir that even BMV produces parts. We will be able to produce in Turkey 60 percent. We will import certain parts from outside. But it is important to make a tool that will appeal to branding and which purchasing power, al he replied.

Who is in the committee?
In addition to EBSO President Ender Yorgancılar, ESBAŞ CEO Faruk Güler, Tiryakiler Oto Makine Chairman Mehmet Tiryaki, Norm Cıvata Chairman Nedim Uysal, İnci Holding Chairman of the Monitoring and Follow-up Committee, which will carry out the works to establish the domestic automobile in İzmir Neşe Gök, TERBAY Chairman Abdullah Baysak and CMS Jant Board Chairman Bertuğ Ösen took part.

Who attended the meeting?
The following names attended the "Domestic Automobile Summit" hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality:
Aegean Region Chamber of Industry ('EBSO) Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman (ITO) Ekrem Demirtaş, Aegean Exporters Union (EIB) Chairman Sabri Ünlütürk, EBSO Assembly Chairman Salih Esen, Aegean Economy Development Foundation (EGEV) President Mehmet Ali Sesame, ESBAŞ CEO Faruk Güler, İzmir Branch President of the Chamber of Shipping (DTO) Yusuf Öztürk, İZSİAD President Hasan Küçükkurt, İzmir Commodity Exchange (İTB) Council President Barış Kocagöz, Aegean Automotive Association (EGOD) President Mustafa Akkalay, EGOD former president Mustafa İduğ, ESİAD High Advisory Council Chairman Mehmet Ali Kasalı, Norm Cıvata Board Chairman Nedim Uysal, TERBAY Chairman Abdullah Baysak, Tiryakiler Oto Makine Chairman Mehmet Tiryaki, Poyraz Automotive Chairman of the Board Selami Özpoyraz, Petrofer Chairman Tamer Taşkın CMS Jant Chairman Bertuğ Ösen, Peteksan Auto Radiator Company Manager Fatih Atabulu, Integral Securities Analyst Ozan Batu, Dönmez De Briyaj Board Member Hatice İvit, Sector Advisor Mustafa Menku, CHP Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Güven, MHP Provincial Vice President Adil Özyiğit, İnci Holding Chairman Neşe Gök, Çelikiş Spare Parts Company General Manager Okyay Erik, NESAN Group of Companies Chairman Nedim Sandalcı, BMC Commercial Vehicles Profit Center Director Bülent Santırcıoğlu, Far-San Automotive Owner Mustafa Şahin and İzmir Commodity Exchange Deputy Chairman Ercan Korkmaz.

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