İMO Bursa: "Evaluated the Problems in Transportation"

TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board organized by Bursa Urban Transportation Symposium, representing the İMO Bursa Branch, İMO Bursa Branch Transportation Commission Vice President Mehmet Tözün Bingöl, Transportation Commission Member Cengiz Duman conveyed the errors and solutions made in transportation.

Civil Engineer - Deputy Chairman of the Transportation Commission Mehmet Tözün Bingöl, in his presentation on “Transportation Planning”, emphasized that the purpose of planning is to provide controlled development of urban areas, to minimize the waste of time and resources in urban transportation and to provide social utilitarianism.

Bingöl said that the continuity of urban transportation planning is a process that is renewed according to the changing conditions. The success of the process depends on the correct analysis of the existing conditions and the implementation of determined social, economic and environmental policies.

Bingol, From the perspective of Turkey and in particular the urban transportation planning Bursa is a heartwarming results appear, said: "A very large majority of urban transportation planning studies in Turkey made towards the development of some types of transportation predetermined, while the other modes of transport are being ignored. In a very few studies, all the approaches expected from an urban transportation plan are exhibited, methods of transportation based on scientific foundations are analyzed, solutions to problems are developed within the framework of modern and sustainable policies. Çok


Turkey's made since the year xnumx'l in various cities, urban transportation plans and studies of sorts Transportation Commission Vice President Bingol, "about the year 1970 the 80 percent are prepared in a subsequent period, the 1985 percent of housing surveys and traffic counts done, so In 28, demand forecast is estimated by computer simulation model, 50 has a total zoning plan relationship, 70 is covered by 80 and 56 is covered by 44. It was found that the 52 had only a rail system proposal, and only the 16 of XNUMX had been proposed for the development of green species such as bicycle and pedestrian transportation. et

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tözün Bingöl said that for a livable environment and livable cities, transportation planning should be prioritized by giving priority to transportation, pedestrianization, public transport, technologies using bicycles and clean energy types and supporting these approaches.


Cengiz Duman, a member of İMO Bursa Branch Transportation Commission, also explained in his presentation of “Bursa Rail Systems” why rail systems are preferred and how to use them efficiently. Listing the reasons for preferring rail systems, Cengiz Duman said, “Because rail systems go from their own tracks, they are minimally affected by external factors, provide faster and safer travel, carry more passengers at once, because they do not use fossil fuel, they are environmentally friendly, and they save the country's economy positively. effects are a symbol of development in big cities, "he said.


Cengiz Duman pointed out that the population densities of the cities, the inadequacy of the line sizes and the location of the rail systems in public transportation can be clearly seen. Örnek The rail systems which started to become widespread in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa are far from the examples in the world today. 13 was built in 1935 in Moscow with a population of million, the length of the line 300 mileage, the daily passenger capacity 9 million, the population of 38 million in Tokyo, the length of the line started to be built in 1927 272 mileage, the daily passenger capacity 9 million, the population of million in Seoul 23 Established in 1974 and 317 with the line line length of 8,5 million per day passenger capacity. The 22 established line is 1904 kilometers long, 392 million passenger capacity, while 6 is in NewYork with a population of millions. 15 1989 90,5 with a population of million million installed in the rail system 1 kilometers long line and 200 million 5 thousand people per day bears. 1996 55 310 3 2002 39 250 2000 20 200 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The line reaching the kilometer carries XNUMX thousand passengers, kilometre he said.


Cengiz Duman, a member of İMO Bursa Branch Transportation Commission, who discussed the transportation of the rail system discussed in Bursa, said that the rail system has been improperly applied from the very beginning.Following the most discussed and complainant discussion topics in Bursa, Duman said:

Yer The lack of HRS vehicles, the length of the train repeat period, the lack of current conditions at peak hours, the parallelism of the rail system to the main roads and the lack of attractiveness due to the lack of vertical feeding, the problems due to frequent vehicle failures, the tire due to the ground above the HRS Line. ”The most controversial issues are the fact that the wheeled vehicle roads are narrowed and the roads are not likely to be expanded due to the station exit structures, the T1 line is slow and the road / time parameters are not attractive, while the HRS should be along Yalova Road, and the T2 Tram Line is being constructed. tekerlekli

Cengiz Duman stated that the rate of use of HRS line in Bursa is% 8 of total transportation usage,% 20 of city bus, 11 minibus of 5, 41 of 15 taxi and dolmuş, and XNUMX are service vehicles.


Duman, Bursa Transportation Master Plan and Bursaray Projects, the City Square - Terminal is considered to be HRS, but despite all protests continued as the Tram Line underlining, ettiril the number of passengers in the peak time interval to be made in the 15 thousand will not affect the route will affect many things. Intercity Bus Terminal serves an average of 30 thousand passengers per day. In DOSAB, approximately 42 thousand people are employed, and 7 is working at TOFAŞ, AS Center Shopping Center, BUTTİM, TUYAP Fair Area, Bursa Justice Campus, Özdilek Shopping Center, Metro Gross Market, Kent Square Shopping Mall, Gemlik, Orhangazi and İznik. This route is the only way of connecting the districts, such as Ovakça, Alaşar and Panayır. It should also be remembered that Yalova Road will be renewed with urban transformation projects in the near future. In the light of all these, 50 - 100 annual transportation investments can be seen as Tram, HRS and Metro investments in the 3 - 5 year instead of 10 - 20 year after consideration should not be considered? Looking at the picture through this window, I think it can be seen that the criticisms and objections made are not considered unfair. Res


Cengiz Duman, who offers suggestions for Bursa and light rail system, concluded his words as follows:

“If the BHRS system can be fed correctly as a result of proper planning and work, its place and rate in public transportation will increase, and the rate of use of wheeled vehicles will decrease. In this way, the transportation problem will be solved, even if to a certain extent. Today, in Bursa, 'How can we use the HRS Line more effectively, how can we do the study studies for the Metro Line now, as discussed, is the T2 Tram Line really a wrong choice? Or is there any way back from this situation? ' We need to find answers to such questions and seek ways to use the current situation more effectively. Civil Engineer - Vice President of Transportation Commission Mehmet Tözün Bingöl, in his presentation of “Transportation Planning”, by defining the urban transportation planning, the purpose of the planning is to provide a controlled development of the transportation areas in the cities, He emphasized that minimizing the loss of time and resources and providing social utilitarianism.


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