Social Responsibility Award of the Year from Stevie to İGA

Istanbul New Airport Project was awarded with ie 2017 Stevie International Business Awards asına and başlat Social Responsibility Program of the Year asına category with its Social Investment Program initiated in nine neighborhoods close to the construction site.

IGA undertook the construction of the Istanbul New Airport and the 25 yearbook; imza IGA Social Investment Program Sosyal, which is the reflection of the participatory, sustainable, environmentally friendly and egalitarian social impact approach, has achieved a significant success in the international arena and was awarded the bronze prize in the Social Responsibility Program of the Year category. The award was given to Senem Elçin Berber, Director of the Social Management Unit at the ceremony in Barcelona. The IGA Social Investment Program was created on 1 January 2016 to establish reliable relationships and build projects with local people and related stakeholders adjacent to the airport construction site.

The aim of the Social Investment Program for the 16.000 person who is directly or indirectly affected by the impacts of airport construction is to increase the quality of life of the local people. The program supports the socio-economic development of the local community by identifying the social impact in the neighborhoods adjacent to the construction site and ensures the best possible management of existing and existing construction impacts.

The Social Investment Program consists of two main components: Rapid Impact Projects and Revenue Development Projects. Quick Impact Projects based on the determination of basic requirements; strengthening of educational services, lifelong learning, public health studies, integration of women into socio-economic life, socio-economic activities, empowerment of young people, sensitive groups and basic aids were shaped over nine main categories of needs. Revenue Development Projects were defined through the strengthening of basic and sub-livelihood resources such as farmers living in the region, forest villagers, livestock families and research findings for income substitution.

The program has implemented more than 20 projects and activities in the last 150 month. As a result of the program, 80 meeting with 150 was held with 5.000. A family health center was repaired, an 16 training facility was built, an 18 training workshop was organized; 182, a primary class, primary and secondary school, was offered dental screening and treatment services. In order to improve employment in the region, 3 thousand people were started to work in IGA and sub-contractors. The initiative of a women's co-operative was technically and financially supported, and informative meetings were held with 100 people involved in animal husbandry. A grievance mechanism has been created by the 10.320.

Achieving significant success in a short time, the program aims to continue these successes with new projects in the near future.

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