The Gospel of Üsküdar Çekmeköy Subway from İBB

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal met with the members of the press at the Florya Social Facilities.

President Uysal 40 said that he was elected to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality the day before and that he had come together with all the departments of the municipality and was informed about the works.

President Uysal answered the questions of journalists on various subjects ranging from the new AKM building and the renovation of Halk Ekmek to İstiklal Street.

-Halk Bread-
Talking about the new projects of Halk Ekmek, President Uysal said, Başkan Halk Ekmek's production quality and capacity is very high. Nevertheless, it only covers 5 of bread production in Istanbul. We're not planning to close Halk Ekmek. With our experience and capacity, we will help the bread producers with public facilities. I believe that we will be more beneficial to the public in this way. Bu

-AKM Project-
The new AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center), providing information about the project President Uysal, Merkezi The project is really beautiful. AKM project will bring sound in the world, konu he said.

-Bürokrat changes-
Responding to a question about the bureaucrat changes in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, President Uysal continued: As long as we continue, there will be changes, because you all work somewhere, at the moment you start now, if this friend works so well, maybe even people will think of things in different ways after 6 months. We can't work with him or our friend's right not to work with us. So the change will always be. We started out with general principles and started to operate. If we don't have a problem in business, we will continue with those friends. There will be change in the next process, but we do not have a change in the form of change, 'we have come as of today, we are changing existing friends'. Bundan

-Urban transformation-
? What do you think about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement about y I have betrayed Istanbul, including Ben? ”President Uysal replied: However, the renewal of a city in Istanbul or urban regeneration, the resettlement of earthquake-resistant houses or the economy of our country has now reached a good point, renewing people's home 'we can say. In this process, we couldn't determine a very good principle from the beginning; ”We all have flaws, municipalities, power, citizens and the private sector. '

Stating that 70-80 needs to be revamped in Istanbul, President Uysal continued his words as follows: UM My principle in Istanbul will be; 'If an urban transformation is to be made, urban transformation will definitely be done in place. Yes, when this urban transformation is being done at the site, when it comes to how to do it, it will in no way be made without additional zoning. In other words, the building will be demolished and the same building will be constructed and no additional apartment will be built. Then how can a renewal be done? As the Metropolitan I think of now, we have allocated 2018 billion pounds budget for urban transformation in our 1 budget. When making the conversion at the square meter of the citizen's house, the 20 will be less than its own square meter. In other words, the citizen, 'Let's destroy your apartment and make a new one. But if 120 is square meters we will give 100 square meters as low as 20 square meters. We calculate that the 20 square meter will cover 60-70 costs on average in Istanbul. As 30-40, we want to do it as a municipality support. That's our basic principle. Citizens will not have a money demand. Citizen, '120 square meters get 120 square meters. But if I pay the 20 of the percentage 'says, it can be this way. There could be a sale to the citizen. We'il give the key to the citizen's key. 120 will give you 100 m2 zero circle per square meter. We estimate that we will produce 1-4 billion TL housing with the budget of 5 Billion TL. D

President Uysal said that citizens will not object to this project and the debates on this issue will come to an end. I suppose you can be in position to start an 800-15 bin housing, we are ready. With this study, I think that the transformation in Istanbul will be completed in 20-10 year. How and why did he betray Istanbul? Instead of his discussion, 'wrong in the past many wrong made this mistake in the coming period' Let us do as our Metropolitan approach, '' he said.

- Renovation Work on Istiklal Street
President Uysal stated that the work carried out on Istiklal Street was a correct project and he shared the following information regarding the project's general and end date: I think the work done on Istiklal Street is right. Istiklal Street is a historical place from the pre-Republic period. Let's do a basic study and let's not go there again. We are planning to finish by Christmas.

- Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Çekmeköy Metros-
Üsküdar, Ümraniye, Çekmeköy Metro, which gave information that the end of the work of President Uysal, gave the good news that the subway line will be completed within a short period of a month.

"Çekmeköy Metro is the first driverless subway to work in Turkey. His tests have been going on for a long time. The tests are over now. I think it's going to be certified this week. Therefore, we can say that it will be put into service this month.

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