Hidden icing warning on roads

📩 19/12/2018 16:52

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, weather temperatures, especially at night due to falling below zero degrees, LED intelligent traffic information screens, drivers, to be careful against the risk of hidden ice calls.

The language of the roads rehber LED screens bilgiler continues to guide drivers with the information they provide, especially on the road information and special day celebrations. In this context, due to the fact that every season and every day-specific information is displayed, the air is cooled and there is a risk of hidden icing on the roads.

Vedat Üçpınar, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality and the Head of the Department of Science, said that they made warnings from the traffic information screens at the separate points of the capital, 60, in order to inform and warn the drivers.

Üçpınar noted that the screens where the road situations, special day celebrations, various reminders, warnings and notifications are made are updated according to the conditions of the day, “We give various reminders to our citizens who set off. Because the weather got cold and there was a risk of hidden icing on the roads. Our drivers need to be careful about this, ”he said.

Üçpınar underlined that smart traffic information screens should not be confused with the direction plates. Information and warnings on the experts in accordance with the research, how long it is necessary to keep up, "he said.


Vedat Üçpınar, who noted that the texts reflected in the screens managed from a single center were constantly updated, said: In addition, information such as road closures, special day celebrations are reflected on our screens. 1 from December, from the screens, worn and tires that are not suitable for seasonal conditions will not reflect the warning of traffic, '' he said.

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