"Green" Floor to Nostalgic Tram Rails on Istiklal Avenue

A green plastic floor was laid under the Nostalgic Tram tracks on İstiklal Street. The photographs taken on the street took a lot of sharing on social media.

The renovation works of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Civil Works, Directorate of Construction Works on İstiklal Street continue.

Following the infrastructure arrangement on the street, the final phase of the renovation of the Nostalgic Tram Line has been reached.

Green plastic floor was laid on the 650 meter of the tram line. The selection of this material for the line was discussed in social media. A lot of photos taken took sharing.

Within the scope of the studies started in December of 2016; infrastructure, superstructure, landscaping and refreshing Nostalgic Tram Line.

Beyoglu Nostalgic Tram Line with 1.87 kilometers was fitted with new rails supported by vibration-damping elastomer (rubber) materials.

With the damping agent applied, it is aimed to prevent breakage caused by vibration and to stop playing stone image.

Studies will be completed on 31 December 2017 date announced.

Nostalgic Tram Since 1990, 27 has been serving in Istiklal Street for years.

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