Transportation is the Agenda in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sezer Cihan, in the national press that the allegations in the negative news about the transportation within the city did not reflect the fact that, before the Metropolitan Gaziantep Transportation Inc. (GAZİULAŞ) before the month of the loss of around 4 million pounds in the period after the loss in the period until the thousand 800 thousand pounds lost reported

The first composition of the November City Council meeting was chaired by President Fatma Şahin.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin stated that the claims of some national press about the basın smart card N (Kart 2006) which has been used in public transportation since the 27 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep has been determined as open in the last two years. noting, on the contrary, a success story in urban transportation, he said.

Sahin, a journalist in the news related to the subject of the public as a false perception has been tried to create a reported.

Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sezer Cihan and Gaziantep Transportation Co General Manager Recep Tokat refuted the news on the allegations with presentations and illuminated the assembly.


Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sezer Cihan, X 2006 year used by the city of the open source was determined by our friends. 6 million 80 thousand pounds open, the company was taken to the Metropolitan. This information was reported to the TCA. It is not possible for the Court to determine. New system 860 thousand people went to Gaziantep card. At the end of our measures, we got more than the old system. In the old system, we had a monthly loss of 3,5-4 million pounds in public transportation. After GAZİULAŞ, the machine, fuel oil personnel gathered at the bottom, first we went to save staff, 3'li returned to shift. At the end of these measures, we reduced our monthly deficit up to 800 thousand liras. The number of our passengers is increasing, this figure will be reset over time, artı he said.

General Director of Gaziantep Transport Inc. Recep Tokat, gave information about the work of the institution.

On the other hand, parliament 98 discussed the agenda, 67 sent the article unanimously to the zoning commission, and 31 accepted the offer.

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