Gaziantep Card System will make route planning

The Gaziantep Card System, which is being used in public transportation vehicles in line with the decision taken by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, offers a smooth travel opportunity for passengers. Thanks to the new mobile application, the system's ist How Do I Go cular feature will guide passengers to where they want to go.


Gaziantep Transport Inc. (GAZIULAS), Kart27 System from the Gaziantep Card System, the passengers have changed until the 31 August 2017 old card, 860 thousand passengers were included in the new system. Urban passenger transport, the firsts Metropolitan, will be an example of an application to the provincial and district municipalities in Turkey will spend more lives. Gaziantep Kart System's plan How Do I Go cul feature will make a route planning for passengers. The new system equipped with technology will provide convenience for passengers and will open new windows for transportation.


Sezer Cihan, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who has been carrying out studies that can be role models in transportation from an innovative point of view to the present, has stated that they plan to introduce the feature ediy How to Go ediy of Gaziantep Card System next week.

Cihan, 'Gaziantep Card System' How Do I Go 'feature, even in Istanbul does not exist. Thanks to the new mobile application, the system's feature will plan the route to the passengers where they want to go, and direct the passenger to the destination. For example, a public transportation vehicle from Gazi Muhtarpaşa neighborhood to Gaziantep University will give information about which bus to take, which stop. You may lose your way in Istanbul, but you can never lose in Gaziantep. İstanbul


All contactless credit cards used in the world can be boarded. Thus, it will be possible for citizens without Gaziantep Card to travel. All NFC-enabled smart phones will be able to board vehicles without using a card. With the mobile app to be used in smart phones, the phone can be read like a card. Citizens can go to the ten Gaziantep Card ”from the internet without going anywhere. Citizens, if they want to know the amount of money on the card will always learn from the internet. With the plan Where is my bus y and ın How to get there ile features in the new mobile application, it will be able to plan a route to the places where the citizens want to go. The smart stop application, which is already in operation, can be expanded and waiting times can be calculated and the waiting times at all stops via the mobile application will be instantaneous. New card vending machines for the new system will be installed and the number will be doubled. New card vending machines will be made not only filling but also selling cards. Our citizens will be able to find out when their children using public transportation, on which bus or tram, go and where. Buses and trams in case of any negative violation of the driver by pressing the panic button to inform the safety.

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