"TCDD Housing Restoration Project" award to Gaziantep Metropolitan

The Association of Historical Towns (TKB) awarded the Rest TCDD Housing Restoration Project Implementation Award Mir to the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep for the Öz Competition for the Conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Projects and Applications Rest organized by 16 this year. Sezer Cihan, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality received the award.

Fatma Sahin, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, çalış from local to universal, from the future to the future ev carried out with the perspective of the work, literally put embargo on awards. Sahin, with the practices of the spirit of historical textures, gave life to the history of Gaziantep, bridges built with the past robust. The Directorate of Conservation Control Bureau (KUDEB), which carries out studies in this direction, has signed important works and the works have been crowned with prizes.

TCDD Housing Restoration Project to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality at the award ceremony in the "Competition for Encouraging Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation Projects and Applications", in which 69 projects from 143 municipalities held at Antalya EXPO Center within the scope of International Building Materials, Construction Technologies, Building Renovation and Restoration Fair (YAPEX) Application Award was given.

Sezer Cihan, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality who received the award on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, said that they had won the Application Award of the TCDD Housing Restoration Project to Gaziantep and said, Yardım We have received our award at the award ceremony held at the YAPEX Fair. We restored the inactive 6 pieces of TCDD lodgings to the city, we ensured the use of lodgings in different areas, we protected these structures in the Republican period. This important project of the Metropolitan Municipality was awarded by the Association of Historical Towns, we received our award in Antalya and we returned to our city with a rightful pride. We would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin for his support to the historical and cultural studies with his understanding of Fat From the local to the universal, from the tradition to the future ve.



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