Global Achievement Award for the Eurasia Tunnel

The Eurasian Tunnel, which connects Asia and Europe for the first time with a two-storey road tunnel under the sea floor, was awarded with the grand prize in the 'Construction Methodology' category of the 'IRF Global Achievement Awards' given by The International Road Federation (IRF). Şamil Kayalak, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Construction and Eurasia Tunnel and Sungjin Lee, General Manager of Eurasia Tunnel attended the award ceremony held in Dubai.

Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment, which was tendered by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (UDHB) with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, the construction works and operations of which were established by the partnership of Yapı Merkezi and SK E&C. A.S. (ATAŞ), the Eurasia Tunnel is increasing the number of international awards it is awarded.

The International Road Federation (IRF), established to promote and support the development of road networks around the world, selects successful and innovative projects to develop infrastructure technologies with the annual IRF Global Achievement Awards. As a result of the evaluation made this year, the Eurasia Tunnel, the construction and operation processes of which were followed with interest throughout the world, was deemed worthy of the grand prize of 'Construction Methodology' category.

In the ceremony held at Dubai Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the award of Eurasia Tunnel was received by Şamil Kayalak, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Construction and Eurasia Tunnel, and Sungjin Lee, Eurasia Tunnel General Manager.

Transportation technology which is an example to the world

The Eurasia Tunnel sets an example for the whole world with its advanced technology, superior engineering work, unique location between the two continents, the route passing through the 106 meter depth of the Bosphorus and the operating understanding at international standards.

• The 14,6 kilometer section of the Eurasia Tunnel, which covers a total 5,4 kilometer route with approach roads, consists of a two-storey tunnel built with special technology under the sea floor and connection tunnels constructed by other methods.
• The Eurasian Tunnel was completed 700 months before the planned 12 engineer and 14, with more than a thousand people operating the 8 million man / hour, without any accidents resulting in death or serious injury.
• 13,7 meter diameter Tunneling Machine (TBM) specially designed for submarine tunnel excavation, 3,3 in the world with 2 kW / m1 cutting head power. 12 with a design pressure of 2 bar. and 147,3 with 2 m6 cutting head area. is ranked.
• Seismic bracelets installed to increase the resistance to a large earthquake, the geometric dimensions and the level of seismic activity to be exposed, TBM Tunneling sector has been the first application with these features.
• 788 has been excavated to fill the Olympic pool. Concrete was used to build an 18 stadium, iron was used to build an Eiffel Tower. 10 thousand cubic meters segment was produced. More than one thousand 80 experiments were performed.
• 95 is employed by Turkish employees. Thanks to the tunnel, total fuel savings of 1800 million TL (160 million liters) will be achieved annually. In this way, the emissions from automobiles will be reduced by one thousand tons of 38 per year.
• The decrease in the amount of emissions, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs is a positive contribution to the national economy with the reduction of the 100 minute travel time observed in Istanbul during peak hours to 15 minutes.

Awarded the most prestigious awards in the world
Some of the other awards for which the Eurasia Tunnel was deemed worthy of construction are:

• Engineering News Record (ENR) '2016 - Most Successful Tunnel Project'
• European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) '2015 - Best Environmental and Social Implementation Award'
• International Tunnel and Underground Structures Association (ITA) '2015 - Project of the Year'
• IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) '2017 - Architectural Lighting Award'

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