EGO Buses Preparing for Winter

The General Directorate of EGO prepares the 1585 bus, which is used in urban transportation, for winter conditions.

Winter tires before the mandatory application will start from December, AAC Maintenance Department of the Presidency of Macunköy workshops, summer tires when changing to winter, buses are made in antifreeze and heating treatments.

EGO officials, with the weather began to cool, waiting for the 1 December, summer tires on buses to change the summer tires, said: winter tires, kış they said.


Every day, the 700 and 750 thousand between the capital, the safe and comfortable way of transportation provided by the EGO buses, officials said, said:

Her Maintenance and control of the vehicles used in public transportation in order to provide the best service in all weather conditions is carried out with great care. In addition to all preparations made on buses by EGO, there will be chain spare vehicles in the winter as a precaution against adverse weather conditions. 5 mobile repair tool, 1 tire repair tool, 4 rescue truck (crane) of the External Fault Service will always be ready for the vehicles remaining on the road. Ecek


Authorities pointed out that the reason for the closure of roads in winter was not snowfall, but because they were the drivers of the road which caused traffic by summer tires and said: lar We call on private vehicle owners; There may be ice on the road when the air temperature falls below 0, Taking a cold and rainy weather, traffic with summer tires, both your own safety do not endanger other people's lives and property safety. For public transport especially in bad weather conditions, use public transport, metros and ANKARAY; use your private vehicles, if needed. özel

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