New public transportation service to 9 neighborhoods in Diyarbakır

diyarbakirda free ring service continues to students
diyarbakirda free ring service continues to students

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its work for more comfortable and comfortable public transportation, will establish two new routes covering 9 outer neighborhood of Sur district and 20 will start to provide transportation services to 3 from November to November.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to provide more comfortable and comfortable public transportation services. Metropolitan Municipality, where road conditions are suitable, 9 has set two new public transportation routes with total length of 84 km to provide transportation services to the citizens living in the neighborhood. The newly opened two routes will benefit 320 households, approximately 2 bin 890 citizens in total.

Flights 20 to begin in November

Metropolitan Municipality opened a new route to Abdioğlu - Sarıkamış - Koyungüden - Fidanlar - Yarımca and Derviş Hasan neighborhoods on the group road, upon the intense demands of citizens living in Sur District Sarıkamış District and Derviş Hasan District. 210 households and approximately 940 citizens will benefit from the route, which was opened to provide transportation to the city centers with the hospital, education, health and commercial needs of the citizens living in the neighborhoods where public transportation service has not been provided until today. The length of the route, where public transportation will be provided from 20 November with a vehicle, is 40 km.

KR1 (1 Vehicle): Derviş Hasan - Yarımca - Saplings - Koyungüden - Sankamış - Abdioğlu - Büyükkadı - Karaçalı - Police School - Yiğit Sergeant - Dicle Technopolis - Seyrantepe - Ninova - Facilities - Public Works - Bayramoğlu - Koşuyolu - Office - Military Branch - Dağkapı .

New Route to the Neighborhood

Metropolitan Municipality has started a study upon the intense demands of the residents of Ziyaret Mahallesi, also in Sur district. As a result of the study, it was determined that approximately 110 citizens live in 950 households in Incedal - Pir Huseyin - Ziyaret neighborhoods on the group road. A new route has been created to meet the needs of citizens living in neighborhoods where public transportation has not been provided. The route, which is 44 km long, will start providing public transportation services with a vehicle on 20 November.

KR3 (1 Vehicle): Hospital - Dağkapı - Vilayet - Yaşar Kemal Caddesi - Office - Koşuyolu - Batıkent - Public Works Street - Facilities - Ninova - Seyrantepe - 450 Evler Junction - Silvan Yolu - Hani Yolu - Sabrioğlu Petrol - Thin Branch - Pir Hüseyin - Visit.



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