Apaydın: ı The Railroad Sector is Living its Golden Age Ap

Haber TRANSİST 10, İstanbul Transportation Congress and Fair Müdür 2017 was held in 02.su this year. İsa Apaydınwas opened with participation.


UDH Minister Arslan made a speech at the ceremony, stating that transportation is a part of life, he said that he came to Istanbul for the first time at 1977 and that they experienced great troubles in the period and he added:

Belediye I was the Chief Engineer at Pendik Shipyard during the Mayor's Presidency. At that time, it was important to find solutions to the transportation problems of Istanbul and to find out that the integration of all types of transportation is very important when producing solutions. As a person who has both these problems and is a stakeholder of the solution, I would say that if you can solve the public transportation problem of a city like Istanbul, there is no doubt that you will find solutions all over the world. Hem

Armstrong, knowing the integration of transport modes with each other and live with the experience they get from Istanbul how important Turkey's transport and communications said that in order to produce solutions to allow them to go into business together.

Arslan from Turkey throughout the year 2003 explaining what they have done today, in all forms of transport as a result of the planned study said they take a lot of ways.


Arslan pointed out that the railroads have become a state policy again. From 1950 to 134, railways have been left to their fate. Total 1950 made 2003 mileage railway per year. The average 53 kilometers per year. Yıl

Turkey today is the world's xnumx'inc is noted that European xnumx'ınc to become a country with a high-speed train operators Arslan, "Our country is the 8 percent of the population constitutes Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, Bilecik and Istanbul "We introduced the high-speed train."

Arslan, 11 thousand kilometers of the railway network has been renewing approximately 10 thousand kilometers, today, while the new construction work on the 4 thousand kilometers continued, he added.

While making railways; Harbor, organized industrial zones, large factories and large cargo centers pointed out that they attach importance to the Arslan, as well as completed construction of the 5 place to continue to work in the logistics center, he said.

Regarding the importance of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line, Arslan said, Bak It is a project that concerns all countries on the route from London to Beijing and is complementary to the central corridor. A pride for us and our country. God willing, good luck to our country and humanity. Because we have completed the missing link of a very important chain. Eksik


Arslan stated that the suburban systems on both sides of Istanbul were among the important agendas of the subway standard. As You closed the suburban lines from Istanbul people but there is no study as complaints. I have to say with satisfaction, '24 hours you work during the night, sometimes you are disturbing us at night' complaints are coming. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the Istanbulites, but let us know that the suburban systems are returned to the subway standard. HalkalıUntil today, we add our night to the Marmaray quality and transportation with the vehicles of Marmaray.

2018 will finish the entire system without having to end. Both sides of Gebze HalkalıWe will integrate each other to the service of Istanbulites. Istanbullular should be aware that we are almost fully integrated with the rail systems of the Metropolitan Municipality. İstanbul


TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and made a presentation on ”Integration of Transport Modes and Urban Mobility ise.

In his presentation, Mr. Apaydın talked about developments in the railway sector, current and ongoing line projects, targets, investments, local and national railway projects and R & D activities.

State Railways 161 1950 is an annual establishment emphasizing that the lines of the remaining lines of the Ottoman Empire and the railroads built in the first years of the Republic of the railroads lived in the golden age of the railways reminding Apaydın Osmanlı After the 18'ler unfortunately 2003 only a few miles a year made 2003 until. After 35, our President, our Prime Minister, the Ministry of Transportation at that time, believe in the railways and increase the investment in a significant way with the support of the railways did not leave this support, and in the true sense of the current railroads and XNUMX thousand employees live with the real golden age can say. "said .


Uzun The current length of our railways is 12.608 km, including our high speed train lines. 1.213 kilometers of 11.400 km is the conventional line, our signal length is 5.462 km, and the electrical line length is 4.554 km. We will bring electric and signal line numbers to 2023 at 100. At the moment the ongoing construction continues on the lines of 4.000 km even on high-speed, fast and conventional line. 5.193 km or even in the project phase, so in total we work in a railway network of 10.000 km.'Lik Apaydın speaking. 2023 targets 12.000 km to extend the length of the network to 25.000 km and to achieve this goal underlined that they work day and night.


In his speech, Apaydın, which includes the financial investments made in the railway sector, has been informed that 70 billion USD investments have been made to the railways every year in the world. the rest were transferred to the subway and transportation systems.


Referring to the projects carried out by the Subsidiaries of TCDD, Apaydın said, ız All the vehicles produced by our subsidiaries have become sufficient in terms of both quality standards and European TSİ standards. Turkey needs abroad with the case has reached the capacity to produce tools. There was liberalization after the Law on Railways. Tamamen As the infrastructure service provider with this liberalization, the infrastructure of the TCDD sector has remained in the way of maintenance and traffic management and TCDD Transportation Inc. was established as our subsidiary and it has been carrying out its activity for nearly a year. Focusing on the side and increasing the quality of service, God willing, will serve more in the coming years and improve its quality. taraf


T We have initiated localization and nationalization projects in our sector together with the investments made, ık said Apaydın, sharing information on domestic and national production and R & D activities,

When we opened our Ankara-Eskişehir line, we were even going to buy the sleeper. Currently 90% 10 of our high-speed train lines are imported, while 10 is imported. We will do our best to remove this% 40. Thanks to the localization movement in relation to the vehicles, we have reduced our import rate up to% 2023. We are doing our best to bring this to better numbers. So now we have a total of 152 billion TL both road and vehicle investments by sector until 128. We will spend XNUMX billion TL of it locally.

Our electric locomotive was produced in cooperation with TCDD, TÜBİTAK MAM and TÜLOMSAŞ. All kinds of ”Know how“ of this project belongs to us. I hope the next project will serve in the outline of the Electric Locomotive 2 will put the rails in the year.

Brake pads have also been imported to ensure the trains remain healthy. Thanks to the R & D activities in Turkey were produced of which was provided 42% composite materials and advantages in cost and this was a completely native currently being used in the rail industry. "

Apaydın emphasized that the National Train Simulator and the Rail System Traffic Simulator, which provide training to trainers on all kinds of climatic conditions in order to provide the driving comfort and adaptation before the train to the train, are used locally for the training of the personnel who manage the traffic.

Apaydın shared information about the National Signaling studies carried out with TÜBİTAK.

En The most important part that we depend on is the signaling part. We tried Mili Signalization, TÜBİTAK MİLGEM and İTÜ in a station and we succeeded and the second station was successful. Denizli-Afyon-Burdur our 176-km line will take a cut in the circuit so I hope we start doing at the moment in Turkey 2018 15 the world has its own signaling. we will have a country and we will have the opportunity to market it to developing countries. One of the most important contributions of signalization is the reduction of 63 cost. Izasyon

In the last part of his speech, Apaydın drew attention to the investment amounts of the projects currently being carried out in the railway sector and to be implemented in the future periods; . As an R & D project, 8 has already invested a total of 4 million TL, including 504 national and 13 international projects. The total number of projects carried out with the planned ones is 5. In this way, a total of 18 billion TL will be spent, including national and international, and the employment of a staff of 615 in the sector will be realized. Bö

After speeches and ribbon cutting, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Erzurum Deputy. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, President of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal and General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın toured with the stands.

The Transist 2017 International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair will be open to visitors at the Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall, ICEC and Istanbul Congress Center, ICC, between 2 Rum 4 November 2017.

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