Bursa City Square-Terminal Tram Line Target August 2018

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, T2 Tram line, the ongoing studies on the site, the shopkeepers of the region listened to the problems and complaints. Indicating that one of the most debated topics since the day he took office is the T2 line. President Aktas expressed that the color and course of Istanbul Caddesi will be completely changed when the works are completed and noted that the transformation in the region where the auto repair shops are located should be talked out loud.

Bursa 8.1 11 2 town square with a total length of XNUMX station projected in line with the goal of knitting with iron networks - the construction of the terminal rail system line was rapidly continuing, while Mayor Alinur Aktas also examined the works on site. President Aktas, who visited the region's tradesmen from time to time due to construction works, listened both the problems experienced and the solution proposals of the tradesmen. Stating that life continues in the region despite the construction of the President Aktas, the entrance to the shops of the shopkeepers difficult to remove the debris on the road as soon as possible to remove the necessary lighting commanders gave instructions to the relevant department.

65 part of work is done
The last station made in the bus station also examined President Aktaş, Bursa people's lives in the name of the facilitated, but also caused many reactions to the T2 line examining, said they had interviews with the region's trades. Aktaş stated that all of the infrastructure works progressively and painfully. Başkan But when it ends, the whole city will enjoy its comfort and enjoyment. Actually, I started working at three of this month. 11 is a day-to-day approach without anyone eavesdropping 'stop working immediately. But I have to say. If the timing is relevant now, 3 would be better after years or 5 would be better in the year 'point you can look at, but there is a point. 133 - 60 part of the 65 million tender has been paid and manufactured. Meanwhile, the wagons were picked up. In general, a large part of the work has been completed. After this time, both the tradesmen and the circulation here in order to carry out the extra what can be done with our friends have done their determination, we have listened to our trades, Bu he said.

The course of the street is changing
According to the tender date of delivery appears as June 2018 Mayor President Aktas, crossroads and overpasses in the absence of a mishap with the work of the line as of August 2018 stressed that they are planning to activate the line. President Aktas underlined that they will be working day and night. Take as much measures as possible to facilitate the work of our tradesmen. There are schools on the other side, there are students going to schools. Especially in the morning and evening there is circulation. Unfortunately, there are accidents in the past. After that, we need to take the necessary measures to ensure that even a person cannot bleed. There are also overpasses that have to be realized as soon as possible. There is life going on, there are tradesmen. In particular, Kent Meydanı Beşyol has more intensive auto repair shops and similar areas. Of course, we also have to talk with our shopkeepers. Now the color of this region, the course will change after the T2 tram line. They are also aware of this. What we can do to achieve this transformation is that we need to speak loudly about this part. Considering that the course of the street has changed its shape, how can we make a transformation about those buildings in the next process and we need to talk and make a decision about that part. There is such an expectation in trades. God willing, he will try to make the organization as a municipality, to refer them and manage them, İn he said.

Quality will increase in public transportation
T2 line is finished and integration with the T1 line will be a significant move on behalf of public transportation voicing President Aktas, said the process will make all the moves for trouble-free and trouble-free progress. President Aktaş pointed out that a general manager exchange took place in Burulaş and that the new team they brought from Istanbul would start tomorrow, and genel We definitely strive for the transportation of the citizens in a more comfortable and healthy way. There will also be some cheapening related to public transportation. We have to do this. Our people have expectations about this. However, without compromising on quality of quality, we need to move the quality to higher standards. Ama

Chairman Aktas, 8 thousand 100 meters in the underground 2 line of work at the 700-meter section, one week, will start the laying of the 10 days in the beginning of the target as determined by the date of August 2018 Istanbul Street will have the true identity of the words, he added.

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