Berdan Bolt wants to have a say in mega projects around the world

Mr. Hasan Şemsi, who thought that he should make a difference in production in order to compete with producers in Marmara, Ankara and İzmir when 38 started production in Mersin in full years ago, founded Berdan Cıvata with this understanding.

Established in 5 square meters with a team of 150 people in Tarsus, Berdan Bolt is now manufacturing a total of 12 thousand square meters in a closed area of ​​33 in Tarsus Mersin Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ). Turkey as well as the company's brand in the country registered the 10 more. Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge in Turkey, Turkey from producing many mega projects of fasteners such as Cyprus Water Supply and Turkey xnumx'inc the sector of xnumx'nc R & D Center is the title of the companies entering focused on international projects Turquality.

When he retired from STFA Bolt at 1982, Hasan Şemsi, head of Berdan Machine Workshop with 150 employees established by his brother 5 in Tarsus, has been moved to a new factory of 2000 square meter which he could finish in three years at Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone by emptying his 400 employee with 25 in 1500.

Hasan Şemsi also gave lessons in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Trakya Technical University and Mersin University. He also advised the bolt factories located in İskenderun and Arabia.

Due to the importance given to quality testing laboratories to create awareness of the richest in establishing the bolt-nut sector in Turkey and ISO industry by moving it from Türkakın accredited according to EN 17025, the laboratory was accredited only manufacturer with a document. In addition to bolt-nut production facilities, Hasan Şemsi transformed Berdan Bolt into a fully integrated fastener manufacturer with its heat treatment facilities, electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, zinc-plated coating facilities and laboratory.

Documents the field Turkey in the first CE and TUCSAMARK Berdan bolts of this sector today; TSE, ISO 39, ISO 10.9, ISO 2000-14399, ISO 4-14399 and ISO EN 10-9001 for pressure vessels for 10002 quality bolts and for 14001 quality bolts and with Competency Certificate in production for Torque Controlled bolts. It also has ISO 18000, ISO XNUMX, Gost. Companies, Turkey's Gama, Tekfen, STFA, ENKA abroad while working with the giant companies such as Calik Nordex, Alstom, Siemens, Vestas, Gold Wind, Gamesa, Senviyo and demonstrates the success of working with the giants of the wind energy sector, such as General Electric.

Haremeyn stations have a signature on the infrastructure

The mega-projects she signed on were the turning points for Berdan Cıvata. The company produced all fasteners from the anchor bolts in the infrastructure of the Mecca-Medina Haremeyn stations up to the immersion galvanized 10.9 quality bolts. 3,5 produced 10 meter-length weight bearing bolts with 780 meter length to carry the feet of Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge which is the second longest bridge in Europe. One of the world's leading 3 bridges for this production of the Japanese IHI company Berdan Civata, as well as the 250 meter of the sea, which is considered as the Project of the Century, from the Anamur to Cyprus in the drinking water project of the 80 kilometers length, the 1,6 m pipes and 100-150 year in the sea water, along with stainless studs and bolts, also produced 10.9 quality steel bolts, nuts and studs protected by a special coating that is resistant to rust. This very long-lasting coating, 6 bin 500 hours of salt test corrosion, ie full 270 day resistant. It also is a first of its kind in Turkey.

Both have applied for the four patents that have been approved

President Berdan Bolt Board Hasan Shamsi, Turkey's xnumx'inc by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, said the industry xnumx'nc R & D Center as tescillenen Berdan Bolts enjoy the chance to deliver industry-utility models thanks to these centers.
"R & D Center of our registration was the arrival of our very important because the earlier Mersin University after this registration when our product development in the technopark we began developing and producing innovative products for our own constitution," said Shams, first produced in Turkey and exports to the 'torque controlled bolts' and he emphasized that he made significant contributions to the sector and the national economy. Berdan Bolt exports to the country as much as 60, energy, steel structures, refineries, petrochemicals, construction, shipbuilding, airports, hangars, suspension bridges, railways, tunnel, dam construction and wind power plants for sectors such as bolts, studs, threaded rods and iyle Berdan Bolt R & D Company in the Technopark is developing its high-strength products without compromising its quality with its innovative projects for heat treatment and coating lines. In this way, taking into consideration international quality standards and customer demands, we started to produce innovative products outside of the standard. Bu Şemsi stated that there are two patents and four patent applications related to the sector.

Up to 150 year

Hasan Şemsi, who explained the emergence of the idea of ​​establishing an R & D Center, said, ür As a result of the R & D studies we carried out in Mersin University Technopark in previous years, the fasteners coated with cermocrom we produced for the Anamur Peace Water Project in Cyprus were subjected to 6 bin 500 hour salt spray test and corrosion. 100-150 is manufactured as a durability between years. These products highlighted us in taking part in mega projects. This led to the idea of ​​establishing an R & D center within our organization in order to continue our efforts to increase our quality and develop different products. XYLAN 2 tefl on coated fasteners which are developed in our R & D center and are resistant to 1424 thousand hours of salt spray test for TANAP Project and the torque controlled bolts which are produced and produced for the first time in our country are an indication of how much it is that we take this decision. Ar

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