Step Back in Kırklareli Historical Station Building Tender

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Kırklareli 100-year history had taken a step, who respond to the station building. TCDD took a step back ...

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has taken a step Kırklareli who respond to 100 years of historical station building, it decided to tender for the historic building.

It was learned that the building which was one of the symbols of Kırklareli and was given to the Rectorate of Kırklareli University by TCDD throughout the year and which has been under maintenance for many years, was tendered by TCDD as soon as the agreement with the Rectorate was completed.

He made statements to Kırklareli City Council and Eğitim-Sen Odatv, especially the people of Kırklareli who reacted to this situation. In the statements made, the "determination to fight" was underlined, all the necessary legal process for the historical building was followed, and a petition campaign was launched.


The determined stance of the people of Kırklareli and the democratic mass organizations yielded results. TCDD wrote in the tenders section on its official website that the historical building has been canceled for re-evaluation.

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