To the Applicants for the Train Engineer Course in Kars

TCDD Train Machinist Recruitment
TCDD Train Machinist Recruitment

TCDD Transportation has announced the announcement of the train driver course in Kars. The base points of the train mechanic course and TCDD course were announced. TCDD Transportation Co. The announcement about the results of the train mechanic course application was published. In the announcement published on the TCDD Transportation website, the results of the application, the exam dates and KPSS base scores of the train driver course to be held in Kars were included.

You can reach the list of candidates who will take the oral exam according to the results of the application for the train engineer course organized in cooperation with İŞKUR and TCDD. According to KPSS score ranking, the first 60 candidate was called for an interview.

1 and 20 sequential candidates according to the KPSS order 23 2017 9 12 21 40 and 14 sequential candidates on the same day between hours 00: 17 and 00: 24 hours will participate in audition. Other candidates will be selected on 2017 9 00-12: 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.

Accordingly, the candidates were called by the lowest 71,4360 KPSS score. The highest rated candidate will participate with 89,1044 points.

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  1. machine training course, not only the use of machines, business systems and tools and legislation to know well. Therefore, the subject must be expert educators should be good. candidates who do the theoretical and practical training of the teacher should be separate from the separate teacher.

  2. I did not understand anything about this purchase, the current purchase was 20 people, they said 16 dropped, then it increased to 20, they said we did not say anything, and then 16 people said again, what kind of job I could not solve….

  3. Bilal gungor you try to work what you can do anywhere you are already in the first row !!!!