Minister Arslan, Gebze-Halkalı He studied the Commuter Line

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, “(Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Line) Progress in the CR3 part of the project is 67 percent for now, this is an important figure. Due to the acceleration in recent months, we can put it on average 5 percent every month. This means that; we will complete the remaining 33 percent in a 6-6,5-month period. Then, with fine workmanship, we will complete the project in August, including the signal at the end of September. ” said.

Arslan, Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Line found in the construction site. Arslan who received information about the work done by the authorities in the project, made a statement to journalists after the review.

Gebze with Marmaray Project Halkalı Expressing that they have examined the work carried out within the framework of the integration of suburban lines, Arslan said that Istanbul residents are very pleased with Marmaray, which has been used since 2013.

Arslan stated that 229 million people have used the Marmaray Project so far and said:

“But what is more important for Istanbul, from Gebze on the Asian side to Söğütlüçeşme or even Ayrılıkçeşme, also from Kazlıçeşme on the European side. HalkalıUpgrade the suburban systems up to the metro standard and integrate with the Marmaray Project and become uninterrupted, and also from Gebze with Marmaray vehicles. Halkalıto travel 114 stations in 43 minutes.

This was very important to us. We examined the project route. At the end of 2018 HalkalıWe see that we have reached a very good point in the studies related to this uninterrupted metro standard from Gebze to Istanbul. Previous contracts from our contractors have been disrupted, there has been a termination, we have tender again. There is a very feverish work on this entire route of about 64 kilometers. ”

Expressing that 3 is a separate line on the line, Arslan said that the 2 line will serve commuter trains and one of them will serve intercity and international trains.

Arslan, commuter lines in the past, along with intercity and international transport is made on the same lines, reminding, this situation may cause some problems, he said.

He said that now the T1 and T2 line will be used by Marmaray vehicles, and T3 will use intercity and international trains, including the high-speed train.

Arslan said, “Progress in the CR3 part of the project is 67 percent for now, this is an important figure. Due to the acceleration in recent months, we can put it on average 5 percent every month. This means that we will finish the remaining 33 percent in the 6-6,5 month period. Then we will complete the project in August with fine workmanship, including the signal at the end of September. ” shared his knowledge.

“Our lines between Gebze and Pendik have reached the stage of completion”

Stating that there is a working area of ​​20 kilometers on the European Side and 43 kilometers on the Anatolian Side, Arslan gave the following information:

“Total 63 kilometers. We had completed about 20 kilometers from Gebze to Pendik before, our high-speed trains were coming to Pendik. Our lines, which will also serve the suburban trains we call T1, T2 between Gebze and Pendik, are at the end stage, only the signal part is missing. Our goal is to complete the construction, infrastructure, electromechanical systems on the entire 2018-kilometer route by August 63, to have the rails fully laid and to complete the signal works carried out in coordination as of the end of September.

Thus, we will have realized our test processes in the 3 months period from September to December. As of the end of December 2018, Istanbul residents come to Istanbul from Gebze Halkalıwill be served to the metro standard with Marmaray vehicles. "

Arslan, along with the project on the East-West axis, including the submarine Marmaray submarine 76 kilometer route, as well as providing uninterrupted service, so far and planned to be done after the 15 separate rail system, will be integrated into the 11 station reported.

“Renovation and modernization was carried out with the Marmaray Project in nearly 100 art buildings”

Ahmet Arslan, 3 Storey Istanbul Grand Tunnel is being done, said that the tender will be held next year, the project will serve both vehicles and rail systems, said that the project will come and integrated with Marmaray Project Söğütlüçeşme station.

Arslan said that the bridge, viaduct and underpass type is under renovation and modernization in 100 art structure together with Marmaray Project.

“More importantly, along the Marmaray route, we renew all of them, including drinking water, sewage, natural gas, electrical infrastructure, in accordance with the Istanbul Transportation Master Plan and to provide modern service in the future. With the fiber optic cable infrastructure, the project is tied up to the Kandilli Observatory, we can instantly contact Kandilli and take precautions accordingly if there is a problem in terms of seismicity. We also take all kinds of precautions regarding security and fire. At 43 stations, we are constructing stations where 225-meter Marmaray's ten sets can stop. ”

Arslan added that three new stations were added to existing stations, one in Darica, one between Kartal and Rahmanlar, and one between Florya Yesilyurt.

“We will be able to run a train in about 128 seconds”

Arslan stated that with the completion of the project, a train will be operational in approximately 128 seconds. kazanHe stated that 440 of the 300 Marmaray vehicles purchased from the company were manufactured in Turkey.

Arslan underlined that the energy spent in braking can be converted back to electrical energy and that the vehicles are modern and the electricity consumption is low.

Arslan gave the following information:

“As of last night, we have said that 229 million people have used Marmaray so far. When the entire system is opened as of the end of 2018, we expect 75 thousand passengers per hour, 150 thousand passengers per hour and 1 million 200 thousand passengers per day to use Marmaray and these systems. If these are integrated with the other 11 rail systems at 15 stations, we will integrate the rail systems used by approximately 10-12 million passengers a day. The Marmaray Project will also serve freight transport between Europe and Asia. Our high-speed trains departing from Ankara are coming to Pendik for now, they will be able to go to Haydarpaşa when the project is completed. ”

“Today, 2 thousand 621 people work in this project with intensive working hours”

Arslan stated that they are working for the acceleration of the project in order to disturb the citizens at the lowest level within the scope of the project and that the stakeholders are carrying out the work with sensitivity in this sense.

“If we consider approximately 3 thousand of our colleagues, contractors, consultants and subcontractors in 63 kilometers of the project, which we call CR2, approximately 600 administrative personnel and engineer friends are working. As of today, 2 thousand 621 people are working in this project with overtime. ” Arslan, within the scope of the project that will be located in Maltepe, the operation and control center, also in case of any problems HalkalıHe explained that there will be a work to back up the operation and control center in.

High-speed trains and intercity trains will also stop at the 7 station Arslan, passengers can transfer to other lines at these stations, he said.

“Our goal is to make the Marmaray Project uninterrupted and to offer 76 kilometers to the service of our people”

Underlining that Istanbulites may be disturbed by the works carried out within the scope of the project, Arslan said, “In this sense, we apologize to the Istanbulites. But Istanbul residents are accepting the right that this project is accelerating and working hard. 'Although we are uncomfortable from time to time, we will gladly take this as we will get metro service in Marmaray quality and comfort a year later.' they say. We thank them very much. ” used expressions.

Stating that many institutions and organizations have made solution partnerships, Arslan said that he and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, especially the historical assets on this route, are transported to Istanbul. kazanHe said they were working on getting it fixed.

Ahmet Arslan, while establishing the future on the one hand, on the other hand expressed the history of the day, they said, said:

“This is our satisfaction. While the proven history of Istanbul was in 2 years, the tombs found at Marmaray Yenikapı station and the ruins there were taken 500 years before the proven history. Marmaray gave such service. We would like to thank President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım for their support. We thank everyone who contributed from yesterday to today. Our goal is to make the Marmaray Project, which is referred to as the 'Project of the Century', which is over the eyes of the world, uninterrupted and to offer 6 kilometers to the service of our people. ”

Minister Arslan used a scoop within the scope of the investigations and took photos with construction site workers and journalists.

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