Will Aktaş throw away the 2 million spent on the T60 tram line?

By changing the question in the title a bit, we can also ask; Is it possible to give up the 'T2 Line' which will make a trip between Kent Square, which is under construction on Yalova Road and the Intercity Bus Terminal?

Let me share some information first;
130 percent of the construction with a tender price of 70 million liras has been completed, and the money spent to date is 60 million. The line length is nine and a half kilometers and 11 stations. The manufacturing of the silk tram, which will run on this line, continues.
When the tram was decided, when the tender was criticized, the construction stopped and the discussions started again.
The underground line of the line first, the source was found to be made as metrobus.
Then the new discussions began with construction.
When the concrete curtains made to isolate the line from the highway were found to be high, they were first cut and then iron bars were placed on top of each other.
The discussions flared up once Alinur Aktaş took office.
The subject was reconsidered in detail at the Urban Transport Symposium organized by TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board. Discussions continue about what the decision of Aktaş will be on social media.
Now the question is: As soon as the task is focused on savings, for this purpose, rental cars parked in the parks, canceled the fair programs, Aktas, black eyes, 60 million throws away?
So hard…
Expectations to make improvements to this line.
Some people close to the top of the subway, converted into a metrobus line, while others suggest underground subway construction.

20-30 million more spent and turned into HRS

Cengiz Duman, member of the Transportation Commission of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, who expressed the subject at the symposium, favors the conversion of the line into a light rail system (HRS) as in Bursaray. According to Duman, the wrong passenger calculation has already been made during the work on this line. After 2-3 years, the tram will be inadequate. Because there are 42 thousand DOSAB employees. The number of passengers in the terminal is 30 thousand. Anatolium, as well as AS Center, started to rise skyscrapers and business centers within the framework of urban transformation along the way. The fairground is in this region, and the new courthouse is being built on this line.
Instead of canceling the line, Duman proposes to convert it to HRS, increasing the cost by another 20-30 million. Extension of existing stations on the line to be built, upgrading of overpasses.
A reminder from me. A tunnel was left under the Kent Meydani AVM for the connection of Bursaray to Istanbul.
Let's see what Aktas will decide on this vital issue.

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