AKM-Kızılay subway, who stayed in half a billion?

The news closely related to the people of Ankara came yesterday from Prime Minister. Yildirim was at the groundbreaking ceremony in Kecioren. AKM-Kızılay said the subway tender.

16 is an annual project.

Gokcek period spent in many exotic and fantastic areas, the metropolitan metropolitan Ankara, patience was transferred to the Ministry of Transport stone is remembered enthusiast.

The expectation was that the 3.3 km line, which extends from the AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center) in Ankara to Kizilay, was to be tendered at the beginning of this year. The delay is too late.

Anyway, let me get to it.

The fact that the prime minister did not hear where the contract was made yesterday when he said um we did “made us think that we were once again facing a hidden bargain.

I have reached this information with a short research.

Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, the corner of this corner was familiar to the readers of the company had invited. General Directorate, 560 million 181 thousand TL da approximate cost N determined in this project, with the company 14-15 had two days consecutive bargaining in November.

503.8 million TL to Kolin

I share the bargaining figures of the AKM-Kızılay metro line, which is not public, which is not public, and the first and second session proposals as a table:

Looking at the table, the first appearing AKM-Red Crescent business, 503 million 750 thousand TL will probably stay at Kolin Construction. (Approx. Cost 57 million TL below)
The second striking element is the tear-off discounts made by companies within 24 hours between two sessions.

I guess the question is legitimate, right?

What could have changed from November to 37.1 November for the Bayburt Group's Şenbay Madencilik to reduce its first offer from its second offer to 14 million TL?
Likewise, the lowest bidder Kolin'in, AKM-Kızılay metro line the day before, "I'll do this up to TL," he said, the next day, the offer to reduce the approximate amount of 41 million TL what makes a technical, legal, financial logic?

The third noteworthy feature is Kolin, the lowest bidder, and Şenbay, the other invited company, in a critical metro line in Istanbul. Kolin / Şenbay, 3, where the Ministry of Transport is still directly involved. last year, the airport-Gayrettepe line was 1 billion euros. 3. wonder whether the airport will catch up with the opening.

Kolin's 3. There is no need to remind that he is one of the 5 who built the airport.
We do not know what will be the price if the AKM Kızılay metro line, which will be built by Prime Minister Yıldırım on a tender basis, is a normal tender.
Just like we don't know what the extraordinary situation is that needs to be done under the secret bargaining procedure.

In the words of the Prime Minister, they are iyle exotic Say.

Source : www.cumhuriyet.com.t is

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