Road Works at Abalı Ski Center

Van Metropolitan Municipality carried out parking and road widening works at Abalı Ski Center in Gevaş district. With the work, the 6-meter road became 12 meters wide and hot asphalt. In addition, there are two parking lots at the Ski Center. kazanyelled.

The Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repairs Department, by expanding the road of Abalı Ski Center, which is the only ski resort of Van, made it more comfortable. The road with 6 meters covered with 12 meter wide hot asphalt. 11 thousand square meters 2 parking lot was paved for the winter tourism.

Providing information on the subject, Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department Head Cem Bartın stated that they received great appreciation from the public for their road and asphalt works throughout the city, and said, “At this point, we have expanded the road for our Abalı Ski Center in Gevaş district, which is the only ski center of our province. The engineering structures of the road, which has 6 meters of surface coating, were made into a 12-meter-wide hot asphalt road by splitting, filling and widening. In addition, 11 parking areas of 2 thousand square meters where our citizens who come to the Ski Center can park their cars. kazanwe nagged. In our center, where ski lovers flock especially during the winter months, we have ensured that both our citizens have a comfortable journey. We also created large areas where they can park their vehicles.”

While the Abalı Ski Center is made ready for winter with the work using approximately 5 thousand tons of hot asphalt, the center, which meets the standards for international organizations, is waiting to welcome ski lovers with its view meeting the blue of Lake Van and its wide area.

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