A new record at Rize-Artvin Airport

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's second, the world's third sea is built Rize-Artvin Airport would be held 8-10 meters deep, it is also reported that a new record.

Armstrong Construction work observations in the ongoing airport construction, said in a statement, the airport is one of Turkey's most important projects, the temporary 390-meter completion of the construction of a breakwater, after the completion of the project, he said it removed.

Arslan emphasized that they made a conventional airport and that 3 will be able to park three large and one small body aircraft at the same time.

  • “Contains a record”

Armstrong tells the airport would be a decent area, noting that a terminal can accommodate 3 million people a year to do, "the third world, Turkey will be the second airport in the sea made. Rize-Artvin Airport will be the first in terms of depth. We also built Ordu-Giresun Airport at sea, but this is an airport that is 8-10 meters deeper from there and contains a record in this sense. ” he spoke.

  • “85,5 million tons of filling will be made”

Emphasizing that the intensive work is spent with the work done, Arslan 20 thousand tons of stones are poured in a day, 3 thousand tons per day per month, then 80 thousand tons of stone will be able to reach the rate said.

Arslan pointed out that a total of 85,5 million tons of fillings will be made to the airport and said, “We will have reached a daily capacity of 85,5 thousand tons of stone to catch 120 million tons of fillings. Business planning has been made to accelerate the work. There is no problem with the quarries and their processes are completed. Access problems are over. An additional road has been displaced in order not to harm a village. We access the quarries with the ingenuity of the road. ” found the assessment.

Stating that they aim to offer the regional service in addition to Rize and Artvin by finishing the airport in a short time, Arslan said: “Of course, Rize and Artvin will benefit from this airport, but our guests who will come to this region, which is famous for its highland tourism, will come with this airport. They will have the chance to see the beauties with us in the cute town of the Eastern Black Sea. ” used expressions.

- "Our target is to be put into service on 29 October 2020"

Arslan, who reminded that the contractor company and the airport signed a contract for the completion of the airport in 2022, said:

“Both our contractor company and our Infrastructure Investments General Directorate will do their best to finish it as soon as possible. Our goal is to finish this airport after 29 years on 2020 October 3 and put it into service. Because the people of the region are looking forward to the completion of this airport. We, as the ministry, aim to ensure that this airport serves the world from the west of our country to the east of our country, when we think that the 3rd airport in Istanbul will come into operation next year, especially if you think about the point where our country's aviation has come. So I hope we will have finished here in three years. ”

- "The figures show that we will catch 189 million passengers this season."

Turkey's aviation sector compared to 15 years ago that five times as Mentioning Arslan year 34,5 million passengers transported in 2015 189 million last season, July 15 coup attempt and said that they declined to 173 million due to the contraction in world tourism.

Stating that the figures indicate growth for this year, Arslan said, “The figures show that we will catch 189 million passengers this season. Come out very much on top of this figure in Turkey and in 2023 we aim to reach 300 million. this is not a huge number. We have grown five times in terms of the distance we have traveled from the past to the present and passenger transportation in world aviation. While they expressed the rank of 3-4 percent, we grew by 15 percent and reached a very good point. Together with Istanbul 3rd Airport, we are making many airports apart from the 25 airports in operation. Thus, our 300 million target is very realistic and is a figure we will catch before 2023. ” found the assessment.

  • Ovit Tunnel to be opened to single tube transportation

Noting that the Ovit tunnel will connect Rize and Erzurum, it also has an important economic value, and pointed out that this place will be one of the few tunnels in the world.

Reminding that the tunnel has a length of 14 thousand 300 meters, Arslan said, “Our goal is to provide one side to service at the end of this month and to ensure that our people pass under the mountains with the comfort of the tunnel, since this is a departure this winter, on the İkizdere-İspir road in those mountains. While going from the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, we will put the tube on the right as a departure and arrival. ” he spoke.

Stating that the continuation of the weather in this way facilitates the works, Arslan said, “We anticipate to raise the second tube until January and put it into service. If the weather goes bad, we will put one of the tubes into service. Hopefully, the Ovit tunnel will provide the comfort of driving to our citizens this winter and will serve without danger. ” he spoke.

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