Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair Opened

📩 19/12/2018 16:51

The Transist 2017 International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair was opened with the participation of Minister Ahmet Arslan and President Mevlüt Uysal.

Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, WWF Canada President & CEO Toronto Former Mayor David Miller and IMM Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı attended the opening of the Transist 2017 International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair.

In addition to all the institutions and authorities providing services in the transportation area, companies and non-governmental organizations that supply products and services in the transportation of Metropolitan and Provincial Municipalities, Universities, maritime, rail and rail systems in national and international areas took place.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlut Uysal said that transportation means a civilization and culture. U Istanbul is actually a transportation bridge. Istanbul is the name of Asia and Europe. The course is also a cultural bridge. In that sense, transportation is becoming more important for Istanbul. O

Uysal said that transportation in the past was important in terms of security in the world. Et But now transportation means civilization and culture. If you don't have transportation, there is perhaps nothing in a city. Istanbul is actually a transport bridge. Istanbul is the name of Asia and Europe. The course is also a cultural bridge. In that sense, transportation is becoming more important for Istanbul. O

“If we say that we will be a bridge between continents and cultures, we have to make transportation in Istanbul the most important issue. As Metropolitan, we are currently allocating more than 50 percent of our budget to transportation. ”Uysal said that transportation is the primary priority of IMM. Stating that the government also prioritizes transportation in Istanbul, Uysal said:

Var The Ministry of Transport has a very important contribution in the transportation of Istanbul to both the third bridge and the Marmaray projects. Problems in transportation are solved when the academy, private sector, local governments and government come together. If these four groups come together, they can accomplish very important things. Of course, these four groups have to be integrated into one another. Sea, air, road, rail, rail system transportation, so all of this comes together. If we can solve this, then we will do something important in cities. Bunu

Underlining that the subject they attach great importance to as the IMM is the metro investments, Uysal continued his words as follows; “The metro network, which was 45 kilometers in the past and now exceeds 150 kilometers, will reach 300 kilometers in the coming years, will solve a significant problem if it reaches a thousand kilometers in Istanbul. But just getting the subway to a thousand kilometers will not mean anything alone. If we have integrated this with road, sea, and even people's walking and cycling routes, it will mean a lot. Stakeholders who are now gathering at such meetings and conferences will discuss this. Also, while discussing these transportation issues, if the technology is added to integration studies, the solution becomes easier. If these issues are left incomplete, no solution is found again. ”

Uysal stated that the works made in Istanbul, which is a bridge between the two continents, will serve as an example to the world. Ist I believe that the Transist Congress and Fair, which will last for two days, will contribute to the solution of this problem in our country and in the world. It is really our job to offer a contribution to the name of civilization and culture, even if the railway, metro, rail system. If we succeed in these, I think we will leave an important legacy for future generations. Eğer

After the speeches, the Minister of Transportation Mevlüt Uysal, who came to the stage with the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, presented plaques to the authorities of the companies that sponsored the congress and fair. Minister Aslan and President Topbaş, who opened the Transist Fair by cutting the ribbons, presented a plaque to the sponsoring companies. Arslan and Uysal visited the fair and received information from the authorities.


4 The fair that will be held in Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall, ICEC and Istanbul Congress Center until November, will take place under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality., In Public Transport ğ 4I: Innovation, Integration, Information, Intelligence The theme is being processed.

Transist 2017 International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, which aims to create global awareness, will introduce new technologies and strategies in transportation. The participants will serve to ensure sustainable exchange of information between academic authorities and local governments and sector representatives.

Hackathon City, which sets out with the aim of designing the transportation of the future with the integration of safe, easy, sustainable and innovative technologies, will take place in Istanbul Transist 2017 for the first time this year. 2 will continue throughout the day. Hackathon City Istanbul is open to the participation of ambitious students in these areas as well as all software developers, developers and design professionals.

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