Metrobus line is extended to Silivri

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen stated that increasing the comfort of the journeys with the metrobus is their first goal and that they are continuing their improvement projects and said, "With the planned Beylikdüzü-Silivri route, the people of Istanbul will have one more fast and comfortable transportation services."

IETT 146 365 24 5,15 with the annual accumulation and experience of IETT 3 hours of service is considered to provide uninterrupted service that expresses Arif Emecen, X IETT with the average age of 130 50 4 bus continues to be the latest fleet in Europe. IETT carries out 590 thousand trips a day with the buses of the Private Public Bus and Bus Co, which is responsible for its supervision and execution, and 52 carries millions of passengers. Metrobüs'da in Istanbul, which accelerates the intercontinental journey with the 45 tool we provide service. Increasing the comfort of the journey is our first goal. We continue our improvement projects with our XNUMX km and XNUMX station. With the planned Beylikdüzü-Silivri route, the people of Istanbul will have one of the fastest and most comfortable transportation services. Plan

The capacity increase project in Metrobüs and the driver and bus remove the relationship between the embezzle, the driver to complete the rest of the bus brought to the rest of the bus, who completed the rest of the driver was taken by the expedition about the Emecen, the vehicles are kept on the line even more by increasing the efficiency of the system stressed. Emecen pointed out that 17 capacity increase was achieved with 20 seconds intervals in peak hours and IETT won Stevie Silver Award in 2017 category of company of the year with this project.


Emecen gave information that they plan to perform a similar project in Metrobüs on platform-based basis. Man With the pilot application we started in Hacıosman peron area, minimizing the waiting times of buses in the peron area and the vehicle coming to the platform in the same way is given by another driver again. With this project, we have initiated a serious transformation in the passenger waiting areas on the platforms. We create indoor spaces where the passengers can meet the need of air-condition, television, sink and provide Wi-Fi service. We have completed Hacıosman's new passenger waiting area design projects, which are the first of this application, and put them into practice together with our Metropolitan Municipality Bu.


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