Reaction to the cable car project in Şanlıurfa

Reactions to the cable car project to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Şanlıurfa continues. In Şanlıurfa, NGO representatives, columnists and citizens are opposed to the project for justified reasons.

The Mayor of Karaköprü Municipality, who was one of the projects of Nihat Çiftçi and was appointed as Mayor of the Municipality, has a share of 50 in the project within Karaköprü Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality is determined to do the ropeway project despite the reactions.

Baydilli gave up.

Karaköprü Municipality, which is a partner of 50, withdrew from the partnership in the cable car project. President Baydilli, 23-24 million TL cost of withdrawal from the project, '' a high figure for the Municipality Municipality '' as announced.

The development agency will grant grants.

With the withdrawal of the Karaköprü Municipality from the project, the Metropolitan Municipality was in search of a new budget and found the resort to apply to the Karacadağ Development Agency. 50 part of the project, the Development Agency, a grant was alleged.

Reactions do not.

Many citizens reacted to the project due to its location in Sanliurfa. The editors of MEDYAURFA.COM received the opinions of columnists and NGO heads on the project.

'' Image pollution will be watched ''

Sanururfa Cultural Heritage Preservation Association President Uğur Beyazgül pointed out many important problems of the city, '' Place is not suitable, '' he said about the project. Beyazgül stated that the purpose of the lift could be for tourism or transportation purposes, as in Bursa Uludağ, you will watch the valleys in the cable car, or you will go to the mountain for transportation. In a location like the one planned to be built in Karaköprü, the ropeway becomes meaningless. Nothing but nature pollution. People will watch the pollution of the apartment buildings in the places where the ropeway passes. It was conducted in social media and other media. The results did not occur at a high rate. Traffic plan for the future of Sanliurfa before the cable car project should be made, '' he said.

'' I will move to the judiciary ''

Sanliurfa in the comments about the problems of the city sheds light on the agenda of the writer Sabri Dişli while the '' budget is not coming out of the municipal budget, but even if the city budget 1 pounds is fuzulidir me, '' he said. Stating that there is a potential in the city to remove it yet Gear '' Location is not touristy. He doesn't see a bird's eye view of the city. There is no other example of this. There is a valley lift in Gaziantep, but it is a valley of view. There is no structuring. If done, I will move the judiciary subject, '' he said.

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