Mobile Railroad Vehicle Collided With Freight Train! 3 Injured

In the district of Honaz in Denizli, the freight train with the Mobile Railroad Vehicle collided head-on in the Kaklik neighborhood. 3 TCDD personnel were injured in the accident.

According to information obtained today, the accident occurred in Kaklik station in 14.00. Denizli flew head-to-head with the Mobile Railroad Vehicle (MDA) with the cargo train carrying the Afyon voyage. An 2 person and a staff member on the train were injured in the Mobile Railway Vehicle.

The speed of the train was low and the engineer saw the vehicle and the brake had prevented a major catastrophe. After the accident injured personnel were taken to Honaz State Hospital. It was learned that the wounded were in good health.

Material damage occurred in the Mobile Railway Vehicle and the locomotive after the accident. The gendarmerie has launched an investigation into the incident.


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