3. 150 thousand people will migrate to the airport

With the opening of the third airport at least 150 thousand people will be moved to the north of the city. Real estate market moved.

The skeleton of the third airport began to appear. One of the tracks is almost complete, and the work is in progress. Things run fast in the terminal building. But other construction has not yet reached a sufficient speed. Posted in 29 October 2018. Come on, it's like 2019 opens in the first quarter. In other words, a representative two aircraft descends at first, but the arrival of the main carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) is extended.


Already with their families, maybe 150 thousand people are preparing for a migration. The third airport near the home areas, the ministers of rent, the ones who move on the move. Those who plan their children's schools, those who do not want to break out of the neighborhoods they are used to, and the undecided people, have started a movement by moving to and from the northern regions. They are looking for a wide range of homes, from the pilot to the cabin officer, from the technician to the engineers, and from the personnel income to work at the airport. The settlements in the northern region are able to offer housing according to different income groups. There are also rent for sale. Construction companies have stepped up to complete their work in these areas.

The third airport will be located on both sides of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Those who do not want to go a long way every day are serious buyers or renters, especially on weekends.
By the way, the sellers who watch the arrival of immigration are pulling up prices. But still the general recession in the sale of housing seems to favor those looking for homes in these regions.


Third airport transportation is not yet clear. Metro connection is in progress. End dates are not clear. The North Marmara highway is already ready. The way to the third airport opens at the beginning of the year. There is also a harbor. It is not known how a transportation by sea will be. The tremendous migration will create a mass movement from the end of next year. Apart from those who work at the airport, passengers will create a great mobility. North of Istanbul will return from the mainland to the main living base.


Kaynak: the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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