Entry queue to the metrobus queue in Yenibosna!

At the metrobus station in Yenibosna, Istanbul, the queue formed by citizens waiting to board the metrobus also caused another queue to form.

Not only in the morning and evening, but almost every time of the day the metrobuses are packed. The density of the Metrobus line is mainly experienced at the main stops and transfer stations. Citizens are literally suffering. If you are sitting down you want a separate time and patience.

For this, you need to enter the order created by the citizens themselves. Metrobus gates matched those waiting to wait in this queue is the seat. But you have to risk long queues for that. Citizens have to wait for minutes to ride the metrobus, the density of the metrobus due to the density of citizens coming out of the station is difficult.

This is especially true in the main stations and transfer stations almost every day. However, the confluence footage taken in Yenibosna yesterday morning showed that even the queues that were created to sit were now crossed. There was such a crowd at the bus stop that there was a second queue in the overpass to enter the metrobus line.

Citizens trying to keep up with their jobs, step by step to reach the metrobus had to wait overpass for minutes. Citizens descending due to the density of metrobus also had difficulty getting out of the station.

Source : haber.sol.org.t is



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