European Commission visits to Ray Certifiers Certified Project

On the road of Labor and Social Security Department of the European Union and the Financial Assistance Department of Human Resources Development Operational Program conducted by the Turkey Lifelong Learning Support II- the support of the Program under the completed rail welders are Sertifakalanıy Project of the European Commission from Brussels Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Department Leader and IP IV Turkey Authority told Aristotelis Margosa. European Union Delegation to Turkey on Social Policy and Development of Human Resources for Economic and Social Development Sector Manager Mehmet Caner Margos who visited the project office with the sea, on the road is Chairman of the Board and Project Manager Ozden Parker Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy listened to the Project.

Yoldere Turkey's rail sector for important tasks that assess the association that makes a strong Margos, Ray said Sertifikalanıy Welders are affected by the Project. Margos, who received detailed information about the project activities, recommended that YOLDER, who gained an important experience, should continue to produce projects by taking advantage of the new IPA funds.



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