High altitude vehicles in Konya will not be able to enter the city center

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has implemented Electronic Gauge (Height) Supervision System in order to prevent traffic and pedestrian overpasses of high tonnage vehicles such as trucks and trucks whose height is above legal limits. First Akyokuş locality implemented as system, in terms of shape and scope of work is carrying the first of its kind in Turkey.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has introduced Electronic Gauge Control System (EGDS) to prevent traffic and pedestrian overpasses of vehicles whose height is above legal limits.

mode of operation in terms of scope and carrying first in Turkey Electronic Gauge Control System with highways by detecting vehicles with height above clearance according to traffic regulations; the plate, wide-angle picture and video of the vehicle is transmitted to the Electronic Control System (EDS) Center or Traffic Control Center (TKM) and the digital information display informs the driver that he has made a height violation. Thanks to the system, the vehicles are taken to the checkpoint with warning messages sent to high tonnage vehicle drivers such as trucks and trucks whose height is above the legal limits. In this way, it is aimed to prevent high-height vehicles from endangering on-road elements such as traffic, road and pedestrian overpasses.

Electronic Gauge Control System is controlled only by the Metropolitan Municipality in the first place, while the Provincial Police Department will be able to be fined for vehicles violating the integration of the Electronic Inspection System.

Konya-Beyşehir Road Akyokuş in the system offered to service in the system, gabari breach warning message is shown on the digital information screen of vehicles. In addition to violations, traffic and road safety, city promotion and general information messages can also be displayed. The control and monitoring of the system can be made instantly through the Traffic Control Center software and you can be informed instantly about any malfunctions that may arise. In addition, the possibility of cyber attack is minimized by using a secure communication infrastructure.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the establishment of Electronic Gauge Inspection System at all city entrances, thus preventing the entry of vehicles with more height to the city center.

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